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Can the End Crystal be rendered for Bedrock Edition? It only has two cubes instead of three. File:End_Crystal_BE.png

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also can you re-render the Grass block (default) 14w10a.png? sorry if i'm asking for too much

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File:Grass Block (inventory) 14w10a.png Done. but please verify. I don't know it is really exist.

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Hey there!

There are a few pages with broken file links and a few important requests.

Would you be able to upload

Can you fix the stair history ( as a lot of the texture history for Bedrock and console are showing as broken files?

Can you also add the Pocket and console history files for this page: ?

On this page (, there's requests for:

  • 19w08a's iron golem
  • "hydrated farmland with coarse dirt side textures for Bedrock Edition"
  • 18w43a's sugar cane block
  • 19w08a's smooth quartz
  • 19w09a's quartz
  • nether portal (block)'s texture update history
  • spider jockey with status effects (before and after Texture Update) since spiders have status effects
  • 18w43a horse armor renders
  • 18w46a horse armor renders.

Also, would you be able to change the InvSprites here ( to files?

I have a few more requests, but I'll wait a bit. Thank you for always being so helpful!

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I'd like to render the MCE image, but the game's installation package doesn't include the texture and I don't know how to get it. If I can find it somewhere, I'll render it.

Other than that I knew about it, but if I have the motivation I may render it sooner or later. Thanks!

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