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I'm from Germany so my english is not very good. But I want to help here too and if I got some evil grammar errors please tell me at my talk.

This user is a Minecrafter.
Markus Rost head.png
This user's account in Minecraft is Markus_Rost.
This user loves cookies.
This user is 19 years old.
This user plays mostly on the german Minecraft Wiki server Unlimitedworld.
Grid Redstone.png
This user likes to build
redstone circuits.
Impulse Command Block.png
This user is familiar with
Minecraft commands.
Repeating Command Block.png
This user likes to build
one commands.
Sticky Piston.png
This user uses the
Technik Wiki Download-Welten.
Grid Redstone.png
This user uses the
Technik Wiki Redstone-Welt.
Grid Rail.png
This user uses the
Technik Wiki Schienen-Welt.
Red Sand.png
This user uses the
Technik Wiki Mechanik-Welt.
Flag of Germany.png
This user is german.
Dieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch als Muttersprache.
This user is able to contribute with a basic level of English.
This user can not correctly apply the wiki syntax.

I work more or less active at the german Minecraft Wiki and Minecraft Technik Wiki.