Rabbit's Foot

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Rabbit's Foot
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Potion Ingredient




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dec: 414 hex: 19E bin: 110011110



A rabbit's foot is an item dropped by rabbits.


Each rabbit has a 10% chance to drop a rabbit's foot when killed by the player; the chance can be increased by 3% per level with a sword enchanted with looting.

Brewing ingredient

Name Ingredients Brewing recipe
Mundane Potion Rabbit's Foot +
Water Bottle

Potion of Leaping Rabbit's Foot +
Awkward Potion



Official release
1.8 June 30, 2014Ryan Holtz tweeted images of a rabbit's foot with some other new items.
14w27a Grid Rabbit's Foot Old.png Added rabbit's foot.
Added the potion of Leaping; it is brewed by adding a rabbit's foot to an awkward potion. The rabbit's foot will also create the mundane potion when brewed into a water bottle.
14w33b Grid Rabbit's Foot.png Changed texture. The new texture was created by reddit user zeldahuman.[1][2]
1.8.1 1.8.1-pre1 The potion of leaping can now be extended using redstone.
1.9 15w46a The drop rate of rabbit's foot is quadrupled.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.12.1 build 1 Added rabbit's foot to the creative mode inventory.
0.13.0 build 1 Rabbit's foot can now be obtained as a rare drop upon killing rabbits.
build 1 Rabbit's foot can now be brewed to make potions of leaping.
Legacy Console Edition
TU31CU191.22Patch 3Added rabbit's foot.


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