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RedPower began life as an enhancement for other major mods like BuildCraft and IndustrialCraft, taking concepts from redstone mods such as Vertical Redstone and Redstone Advanced to produce a single, reliable supplement. RedPower 2 since then has the goal of becoming a singular, monolithic mod providing many of the features that other mods possess individually, but integrated into a fully functional, consistent whole. For a more indepth discussion of Eloraam's inspiration (and future direction!) read this post on her blog.

Dependencies[edit | edit source]

Works with Minecraft 1.4.7, and earlier. Has not been updated for 1.5 or newer at this time.

RedPower 2 requires Minecraft Forge to work properly.

RedPower 2 comes in a group of separate packages, which have their own internal dependencies:

  • Core
  • Logic (requires Core)
  • Control (requires Core, Wiring)

Incompatibilities[edit | edit source]

  • Incompatible with all mods that conflict with Minecraft Forge.

Common Problems[edit | edit source]

Before asking a question on the forum thread, read the RP2 EAQ. The chances are pretty good that your problem (using the wrong version, handsaws only having one use, ore repetition, RecipeBook, etc.) are already covered there.

Mod Breakdown[edit | edit source]

Since RedPower 2 is designed to be modular you can, within limits, pick which features of the mod you want to use. This section will attempt to break it down by module, and explain the features of each.

Core[edit | edit source]

The base for every other component of RedPower 2. Core is not intended to be used by itself, but provides functionality for other modules.

Wiring[edit | edit source]

Redstone wires, cables, microblocks, and the many, many permutations thereof. Also includes the Alloy Furnace, which can be used to make red wire and retrieve red alloy from any kind of wire or iron from iron-using items without durability.

Item IDs

Logic[edit | edit source]

Eloraam's logic tiles, which condense many complex and difficult to construct redstone circuits into a single tile.

Lighting[edit | edit source]

Adds a group of blocks crafted with glass, redstone and lumar to produce a block that will glow the same color as the lumar used, when supplied with a redstone signal. For technical reasons owing to the way the Minecraft lighting engine is written, they cast a white glow identical to torches or glowstone.

Item IDs

World[edit | edit source]

Adds indigo flowers, rubber trees, volcanos and several new materials and ore blocks to world generation.

Machine[edit | edit source]

Blocks that enable item transportation, the creation of automated factories, logistics networks and mobile assemblies (using support frames), etc. Certain blocks in this module use 'blutricity', RedPower2's version of electrical power, which currently can only be generated by Solar Panels, Thermopiles and Thaumcraft 2's Thaumic Generator.

Control[edit | edit source]

Computers and associated peripherals. The CPU effectively emulates a real-world 6502, and can be expanded with Backplane blocks and RAM Modules to increase its memory. Ribbon cables can connect CPUs to peripherals like monitors and disk drives to behave like a normal computer (they can also be placed adjacent to the CPU) and an IO Expander will act as a junction between ribbon cables and standard RedPower bundled cables, enabling advanced control of RedPower- and other redstone-driven constructions.

External links[edit | edit source]

  • RedPower 2 Wiki - Resources for RP2 users. Currently lacking in content, however. An older wiki can be found here.
  • Unofficial Recipe List - A list of recipes used by RedPower2 currently maintained by Narzuhl.