Hero of the Village

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Hero of the Village
Hero of the Village.png

Defeating a raid


#44FF44 (cyan)

Effect ID
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Hero of the Village is a status effect granted upon defeating a raid.


Players will receive gifts and discounts from villager trades while under the effect. The effect is active only if the player is in the village in which the raid has been defeated.

Price decrement[edit]

The level one Hero of the Village effect will decrease the cost of the first item in a trade by 30%; each additional level can decrease the price by an additional 1/16, up to the 55% discount with a level 5 Hero of the Village effect. No matter how large the discount is, the final item count in the trade will always be at least one; in other words, it won't be free. In other cases, the decrement is the discount ratio multiplied by the original count rounded down, or rounded up if the decrement is less than 1.

Example: Level 3 effect would give 42.5% discount. For a recipe with 14 emeralds as the input for the first slot, the final discount would be 5 emeralds (rounded down from 5.95 emeralds), and the final price would be 9 emeralds.


Villager Gift
Armorer Chainmail HelmetChainmail Chestplate

Chainmail Leggings

Chainmail Boots

Butcher Cooked RabbitCooked Chicken

Cooked Porkchop

Cooked Beef

[[Cooked Mutton|Cooked Mutton]]

Cartographer Map


Cleric Redstone Dust

Lapis Lazuli

Farmer Bread

Pumpkin Pie


Fisherman Cod


Fletcher Arrow

[[Arrow of Swiftness|Arrow of Swiftness]]

Arrow of Slowness

Arrow of Strength

Arrow of Healing

Arrow of Harming

Arrow of Leaping

Arrow of Regeneration

Arrow of Fire Resistance

Arrow of Water Breathing

Arrow of Invisibility

Arrow of Night Vision

Arrow of Weakness

Arrow of Poison

Leatherworker Leather
Librarian Book
Mason Clay
Shepherd White Wool

Orange Wool

Magenta Wool

Light Blue Wool

Yellow Wool

Lime Wool

Pink Wool

Gray Wool

Light Gray Wool

Cyan Wool

Purple Wool

Blue Wool

Brown Wool

Green Wool

Red Wool

Black Wool

Toolsmith Stone Pickaxe

Stone Axe

Stone Hoe

Stone Shovel

Weaponsmith Stone Axe

Gold Axe

Iron Axe


Cause Potency Length Notes
All illagers in the final wave of a raid are killed. I‌[BE only]
I-V‌[JE only]
60:00 (shown as 00:12 – 00:13) The player must be within the village boundary.

Data values[edit]


Java Edition:

Effect Name ID Numeric ID
Hero of the Village hero_of_the_village 32

Bedrock Edition:

Effect Name ID Numeric ID
Hero of the Village village_hero ?


Java Edition
1.1419w13a Added Hero of the Village.
Bedrock Edition
1.11.0beta Added Hero of the Village. Currently has no effect.
beta Changed Hero of the Village icon.
beta of the Village now grants a villager trading discount.
Hero of the Village can now be obtained by defeating a raid.
beta animation will now play on-screen when a player gets Hero of the Village.