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Double Tallgrass.pngLarge Fern.png





Blast resistance




Grass, Fern, Double variants: Yes
Shrub: No


Yes (64)



Data values
Grass, Fern or Shrub
dec: 31 hex: 1F bin: 11111
Double variants
dec: 175 hex: AF bin: 10101111

Grass, Fern or Shrub: tallgrass
Double variants: double_plant

Grass (or tall grass in the Console Edition) is a non-solid plant used to obtain seeds. The color of grass is biome dependent and is usually the same color as grass blocks.[1]


When broken normally, all variants will drop either nothing or seeds. They can be obtained as an item using shears.

The double tall grass and large ferns will drop two of the respective single block tall grass when mined using shears.

Water will destroy any tall grass in its way.

Natural generation

Grass and double tall grass generate on grass blocks in most biomes that generate grass.

Ferns and large ferns occur naturally only in jungle, taiga, and mega taiga biomes.

Shrubs, though identical in appearance to the dead bushes found in deserts and mesas, do not naturally generate.

Bone meal

Bone meal can be used on a grass block to grow grass and occasionally flowers on it and in its vicinity.

Bone meal can also be used on either tall grass or a fern to create a double tall grass or large fern.


A shrub looks identical to the dead bush, except that it will occasionally drop seeds instead of sticks, and is randomly offset from the center of its block like grass.[Java Edition only] It can be obtained using /give @p minecraft:tallgrass 1 0. In Pocket Edition, this block is named 'Fern' but has the texture of grass.



All variants of grass have a 1/24 chance of dropping seeds when broken without using shears.

Flower pots

Ferns can be placed in flower pots.

Data values

Grass is defined by its ID and block data. Grass also has a block state which is expected to replace the functionality of block data in a future version.


Name ID Name Block ID
Grass tallgrass 31
Plant double_plant 175

Block data

See also: Data values
Block 31 (minecraft:tallgrass)
DV Description

0 Shrub

1 Tall Grass

2 Fern
Block 175 (minecraft:double_plant)
DV Description

0 Sunflower

1 Lilac

2 Double Tallgrass

3 Large Fern

4 Rose Bush

5 Peony

8 Top Half of any Large Plant; low three bits 0x7 are derived from the block below.

Block state

See also: Block states


Name Value Description

Dead Bush
Tall Grass


Name Value Description

The half of the plant contained in this block.

Double Tallgrass
Large Fern
Rose Bush

The direction the plant is facing. This is currently unused in-game.
Upper-half blocks are always 'north', and lower-half blocks are always 'east'.




Tall grass was implemented.[2] Seeds used to be produced by tilling grass blocks prior to this update.
1.6.6 Bone meal can be used to instantly grow tall grass on grass blocks.
1.8 Previously, tall grass couldn't be acquired as an item without inventory hacking. Hacked tall grass in your inventory would appear as the base texture for it, and would appear as the "shrub" variety or the dead bush when placed on the map. This was changed in Beta 1.8, and now grass and ferns can be harvested with shears.
The triangular-looking fern was rare, and only found in swampland and rain forest biomes before the 1.8 Adventure Update. After the Adventure Update, since swamp biomes were redesigned and rain forest removed entirely, ferns no longer generated naturally.
Official release
1.0.0 Ferns were made available in Creative.
1.2.1 12w03a Ferns re-appeared in Jungle biomes.
12w05a Previously, grass made building difficult because it had to be removed to place blocks in that space. Now, any blocks placed in the same space as grass will replace the grass, similar to snow.
Tall grass with a damage value of 3 or higher is still called "grass", and still has green biome-coloring, but is now shaped like a shrub or dead bush.
1.7.2 13w36a

Added double tallgrass and large ferns. Ferns now spawn in taiga and cold taiga biomes.
1.8 Green colored shrubs (damage value 3 or higher) now look like normal shrubs.
1.8.1 pre1Added facing state to minecraft:double_plant, though without visible effect.
Pocket Edition Alpha
?Tall grass added, but unobtainable.
0.5.0 Now drops seeds, despite remaining unobtainable. Seeds could legitimately be obtained by tilling grass instead.

Tall grass and ferns officially added.
0.9.0 build 1

Added double tall grass and large ferns.
Tall grass and ferns now spawn naturally.
build 5 Tall grass is no longer flammable.
0.11.0 build 14 Double tallgrass and large fern pixels are now square.
Tall grass and ferns now have a random height.
0.14.0 build 3 Hitboxes of all variants of tall grass no longer occupy an entire block.
Legacy Console Edition
TU1CU11.0Patch 1

Grass, tall grass and fern added.
TU7Added ferns to creative.
TU12Previously, grass made building difficult because it had to be removed to place blocks in that space. Now, any blocks placed in the same space as grass will replace the grass, similar to snow.


Issues relating to “Grass”, “Fern”, “Double Tallgrass”, or ”Large Fern“ are maintained on the issue tracker. Report issues there.


  • Grass cannot be directly set on fire from lightning. However, fire from nearby blocks can spread to it. Oddly enough, the top of grass can be lit but it will not burn this way. When any kind of tall grass is set on fire, the fire seems to hover just over the grass, as if it were a full block.
  • Even though ferns do not produce seeds in real life, as ferns use spores instead, they can drop seeds if broken.
  • Grass is slightly offset from the block it is sitting on (as seen in the second screenshot). This causes fields of grass appear more contiguous and not like dotted patches of hair atop blocks.
  • Grass can appear in caves on dirt near lava, and rarely, within a few blocks of bedrock or in a village house.
  • Using bone meal on grass in a spawn-protected area will still produce tall grass and flowers.
  • Placing any block on grass will overwrite the grass, and will not drop seeds.
  • When being chased by mobs, hiding in Double Tallgrass will often cause them to 'lose' sight of players, even if they are 4 blocks away.
  • In the Console Edition, the dead shrub variant of tall grass is available in the creative menu.