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Ocean biomes

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Fish are passive mobs that live in oceans. They come in 3 variants: cod, salmon, and puffer fish. Each variant has their own spawn egg.


The cod variant spawns in cold oceans, oceans, and lukewarm oceans. Puffer fish spawn in only lukewarm and warm oceans. Salmon spawn in frozen and cold oceans, and unlike the other two variants, can also spawn in rivers.


Fish will drop their item form when killed. For example, when a cod is killed, it will drop raw cod.


All 3 types of fish are not able to survive out of water - if outside of water, they will flop around for a while, and will eventually die of suffocation damage.

Cod and salmon tend to swim in groups of several fish (a maximum of nine cod or six salmon per shoal).

Pufferfish sometimes puff up. Upon contact with the player, fully puffed up pufferfish inflict 7 seconds of poison.

Salmon are able to jump up waterfalls.

Fish bucket

Cod bucket.pngSalmon bucket.pngPufferfish bucket.png

Using a water bucket on a fish will cause the water bucket to now contain the fish. If you use the fish bucket again, it will release whatever fish is inside of it.

The 3 variants of fish buckets correspond to the 3 variants of fish mobs. For example, a water bucket with a cod fish in it is called a cod bucket.


1.13 18w08b Added fish mobs.


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