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No command blocks

First introduced

Beta 1.3

Manages the server whitelist.

Server ops will always be able to connect when the whitelist is active, even if their names do not appear in the whitelist.

The command has six variations.
whitelist add <player>
whitelist list
whitelist off
whitelist on
whitelist reload
whitelist remove <player>
player (add and remove mode only)
Specifies the player(s) to add or remove from the whitelist.
Fails if the arguments are not specified correctly, or if player doesn't exist
On success:
  • add — Adds the player name to the whitelist. The player does not need to be online.
  • list — Displays all player names in the whitelist.
  • off — Disables the server's use of a whitelist.
  • on — Enables the server's use of a whitelist.
  • reload — Reloads the list of player names in white-list.txt (1.7.5 or earlier) or whitelist.json (1.7.6 or later) from disk (used when white-list.txt or whitelist.json has been modified outside of Minecraft).
  • remove — Removes the player name from the whitelist. The player does not need to be online.
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