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Empty: Yes (16), except in furnace fuel slot
Full: No

First appearances

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Data values

JE: dec: 325 hex: 145 bin: 101000101
BE: dec: 3250 hex: 1450 bin: 1010001010



Buckets are tools used to carry water, lava, or milk.



Ingredients Crafting recipe
Iron Ingot

Natural generationEdit

Buckets can be found in 18.8% of dungeon chests and 18.8% of woodland mansion chests in stacks of 1.


Empty buckets can be used to "pick up" a water or lava source block by pressing use item on a block of the relevant type. Similarly one can press use when looking at a cow or a mooshroom to fill a bucket with milk.

If you use a water bucket on a fish mob such as salmon, cod, or pufferfish it will give you a salmon bucket, cod bucket, or pufferfish bucket, respectively. There is also a clownfish bucket texture that doesn't exist in-game.

A bucket filled with a source block can then be used to place its source block contents in the empty block next to the side of the block the player is currently looking at, or replacing the block looked at for some replaceable blocks. A fish bucket will place it's type of fish along with a water source block.

A bucket full of milk can only be emptied by drinking it or by using it in crafting a recipe (like cake).

An empty bucket can be used to empty a full cauldron, filling the bucket with water.

Bedrock EditionEdit

Buckets use data value to distinguish the ''empty'' bucket, water bucket and lava bucket.

Data value Bucket
0 Empty Bucket
1 Milk bucket
8 Water Bucket
10 Lava bucket



June 15, 2010 Added bucket, can pick up only water and lava.
Seecret Friday 2 They can be found in the new dungeon chests.
1.0.11 Cows are now milkable.
Official release
1.0.0 Beta 1.9-pre1 Added mooshrooms, which can be milked like normal cows.
Beta 1.9-pre5 In Creative mode, buckets now remain empty when used to pick up water and lava.
1.2.1 12w06a Buckets are now renewable.
1.3.1 12w21a Buckets are now stackable up to 16.
12w22a Smelting in a furnace with a lava bucket now leaves an empty bucket for the player to retrieve.
1.8 14w25a An empty bucket in the fuel slot will fill and become a water bucket after a wet sponge is dried. This happens for empty buckets placed by the player while the furnace is still smelting, and for empty buckets left by lava buckets.
Stacked buckets in the fuel slot will become a single water bucket.
14w26a You can only now put one bucket in the fuel slot, fixing the bug above.
1.9 15w44a A full cauldron can now be emptied with a bucket, filling the bucket with water.
Substantially decreased the average yield of buckets from dungeon chests.
15w46a Now replace single snow layers when used on the top, instead of placing the water or lava in the air above the snow layer.
15w50a Added sounds: item.bucket.fill, item.bucket.fill_lava, item.bucket.empty, and item.bucket.empty_lava.
1.11 16w39a Buckets are now found in the new woodland mansion chests.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.7.0 Added buckets.
0.16.0 build 1 Added sounds when using buckets.
Legacy Console Edition
TU1CU11.0Patch 1Added buckets.
TU9Buckets are now stackable up to 16.


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  • In Bedrock Edition, buckets can hold any block, with the data value corresponding with what will be placed. An exception to this is stone, whose data value is replaced by the milk bucket. Keep in mind all of the special buckets can only be obtained with an external editor or commands.They have the normal bucket sprite.

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