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Release date

March 30, 2017

Snapshot for



Client (.json)

17w13a[1] is the second snapshot released for 1.12.

Additions[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • Replaces achievements
  • Can be customized via JSON files
  • Tab-based UI
    • Currently one tab (Minecraft) although more will be supported in the future
    • Different background per tab, single texture on repeat for now
    • Data-driven UI, including positioning and layout
  • CTRL + B toggles a text-to-speech engine that automatically reads player chat messages, including the name.
  • The Narrator will not read commands or command outputs, nor will it read messages produced with /me.
NBT tags
  • ShoulderEntityLeft / ShoulderEntityRight: Contains entity data about an entity on the left and right shoulders of the player.
  • seenCredits: Changes to 1 if the player leaves the End through the portal.
  • recipeBook: A string containing a list of recipes, formatted as JSON, that the player has seen.
  • Recipes: A list of crafting recipes to unlock for the player that right-clicks while holding a Knowledge Book.
    • If this is not specified, the Knowledge Book will not be consumed.
Recipe book
  • Catalogs recipes that are unlocked when the criteria are met
  • When a recipe is clicked, it will appear in the crafting grid, and can be crafted if materials are available
  • recipes folder added with all item recipes as .json files.

Commands[edit | edit source]

/recipe <give|take> [player] <name|*>

  • Can unlock, or lock, the given recipes for the given player
  • If * is specified, it will lock or unlock all recipes for the player

/advancement <grant|revoke|test> <player> <advancement> [criterion]

  • Can grant, test or revoke advancements, and particular advancement criteria, for a given player

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • doLimitedCrafting
    • Off by default
    • Enabling will only allow players to craft recipes they have unlocked

Items[edit | edit source]

Knowledge Book
  • A green-colored book
  • Currently obtainable only with the /give @p knowledge_book command.
  • A Knowledge Book with a Recipes NBT tag, which contains a list of item IDs, will be consumed and unlock the specified items' recipes for any player that uses it
    • Especially useful when /gamerule doLimitedCrafting is set to true
Spawn eggs
  • Parrot (new mob): Green with red dots.

Mobs[edit | edit source]

  • Tamable with cookies
  • Fly around, but sit when "tired"
  • Follow and crowd around nearby mobs
  • Imitates sounds of other mobs
  • Right-click tamed parrots to place them on your shoulder
    • Will let go if the player jumps
    • Can fly with players during elytra flight
  • Have 6 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg) health.
  • Come in red, blue, green and cyan.

Changes[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • Removed and replaced by advancements
  • Closing the crafting interface with items inside will no longer drop the items in front of you, but will send them instead to the inventory.
Java version
  • This is the first snapshot to use, and thus require, Java 8.[2]
Moving backwards
  • The player's body now entirely faces to the front, when moving backwards.[3][4]
    • Prior to this snapshot, moving backwards would cause the player model to rotate one side, making it look like the player was strafing backwards somewhat.

Blocks[edit | edit source]

Comparison of the terracotta texture changes.
Glazed Terracotta
  • Textured changed for cyan, magenta, orange, and white glazed terracotta, to remove unintentional and potentially offensive imagery.[5]
  • Now display their name when hovering over them
Enchantment Table
  • Now display their name when hovering over them

Fixes[edit | edit source]

2 issues fixed
From the previous development version
  • MC-113377 – New block Swastika
  • MC-113844 – White Glazed Terracotta symbol (looks like the symbol of the Hungarian Nazi party)

Re-upload[edit | edit source]

At the time of uploading the first build, users reported issues of crashing on macOS. A hotfix was later released which fixed the crash issue on the operating system.[6]

References[edit | edit source]