Zombie Villager/DV2

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This page documents the associated data values of the described object.
This template is to only be transcluded on /DV pages which do not use {{dvt}}, as them not using this results in the pages appearing in Special:UncategorizedPages.
Type Data value
Plains Zombie Armorer.png Armorer minecraft:armorer
Plains Zombie Butcher.png Butcher minecraft:butcher
Plains Zombie Cartographer.png Cartographer minecraft:cartographer
Plains Zombie Cleric.png Cleric minecraft:cleric
Plains Zombie Farmer.png Farmer minecraft:farmer
Plains Zombie Fisherman.png Fisherman minecraft:fisherman
Plains Zombie Fletcher.png Fletcher minecraft:fletcher
Plains Zombie Leatherworker.png Leatherworker minecraft:leatherworker
Plains Zombie Librarian.png Librarian minecraft:librarian
Plains Zombie Nitwit.png Nitwit minecraft:nitwit
Plains Zombie Villager Base.png Unemployeed minecraft:none
Plains Zombie Mason.png Mason minecraft:mason
Plains Zombie Shepherd.png Shepherd minecraft:shepherd
Plains Zombie Toolsmith.png Toolsmith minecraft:toolsmith
Plains Zombie Weaponsmith.png Weaponsmith minecraft:weaponsmith