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A zombie is a common undead hostile mob.

Zombie may also refer to:

  • Husk, zombie-like mobs that spawn in the desert and gives hunger when it attacks
  • Drowned, mobs that spawn in water or if a zombie drowns
  • Zombie Villager, zombie-like mobs that spawn when a zombie kills a villager
  • Zombified Piglin, common mobs that spawn in the Nether
  • Chicken Jockey, a baby zombie riding a chicken
  • Zombie Horse, unused horses
  • Giant, unused passive zombie mobs
  • Zoglin, zombified hoglins




Minecraft Dungeons[edit]

  • Zombie, a basic melee mob found in most levels
  • Armored Zombie, a zombie with armor and weapon
  • Baby Zombie, a small and faster variant of zombie
  • Chicken Jockey baby zombie that spawn riding a chicken
  • Chicken Jockey Tower A variant of Chicken Jockey that features multiple baby zombies stacked on top of each other
  • Husk, a desert variant of zombie found only in desert locations
  • Frozen Zombie a snowy zombie that attacks with snowballs in the Creeping Winter DLC
  • Jungle Zombie, a mossy zombie that poisons players that can be found in the Jungle Awakens DLC
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