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Xbox One Edition CU30

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Xbox One Edition

Release date

August 30, 2016

CU30 was a version of Xbox One Edition released on August 30, 2016.[1]


  • Added the Tumble mini game.
  • Added Battle Map Pack 3 (Castle, Invasion & Shipyard).
  • Added six new achievements for the Battle mini game.
  • Re-enabled the previous Birthday and Minecon skin packs for players who had them.
  • Introduced a "vote to kick" system for mini games.
    • When there are more than three players in a public game, a player will be kicked from the game when they have received three votes.
      • This scales down when there are less players.


Battle mini game
  • Made some changes to chest refilling logic to make things harder for players camping beside chests.
  • Made some balancing changes to items spawning in chests.


3 issues fixed
  • MCCE-53 – Players cannot join servers or games.
  • MCCE-910 – Guardian and ocean monument spawn issues.
  • Fixed some map issues in the Cavern, Siege, Ruin, Lair and Atlantis Battle arenas.

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