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Xbox One Edition CU13

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Xbox One Edition

Release date

May 14, 2015

CU13 was a version of Xbox One Edition released on May 14, 2015.[1]


12 issues fixed
  • MCCE-27 – Item drop visual bug.
  • MCCE-36 – Mining blocks do not drop blocks sometimes.
  • MCCE-84 – Breaking blocks will send their drops vertically like an item elevator.
  • MCCE-102 – Incorrect TNT explosion range.
  • MCCE-103 – Objects that are released penetrate the ground.
  • MCCE-119 – Item drops from blocks spawning far from block.
  • MCCE-141 – Blocks disappearing when mined.
  • MCCE-160 – Animals able to walk through solid blocks yet still in the pen.
  • Fixed an issue causing flying animals in a split-screen offline game.
  • Fixed a memory leak causing crashes after prolonged play sessions.
  • Fixed a problem with baby villagers collision height.
  • Fixed a few issues with players joining a network game.


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