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World type is an option to change how worlds generate in Minecraft.

World types[edit]

All editions[edit]

Type Description Image

Default (JE/3DS)
Infinite (BE)
This is the default type of generation. Various landscapes generate utilizing Biomes.

level.dat generatorName: default


Superflat (JE/CE)
Flat (BE/3DS)
This type of generation creates a world that is completely flat, at an altitude of Y=4, by default. On a classic (default) superflat world, the terrain consists of one layer of bedrock, two layers of dirt and one layer of grass. Mobs spawn normally; slimes are prevalent.

In superflat worlds, villages also generate, and superflat worlds can be further customized through the use of presets, which allows the player to change the layers of the terrain, spawn trees, larger villages, strongholds, etc.

level.dat generatorName: flat


Java and Legacy Console Editions[edit]

Type Description Image

Amplified Worlds (CE)

Generates many large mountains that dwarf even the mountains seen in default world types and often reach the world height limit. Due to extremely steep cliffs and unforgiving terrain, careless players may have difficulty surviving in this world type. Certain biomes (i.e. swamplands, oceans and rivers) may see no obvious change in height. Villages still spawn in this world type regardless of how flat the ground is, causing the buildings to generate in bizarre ways.

In the Legacy Console Edition, this is available for Xbox One and PS4 only, but terrain generates to about Y=128 instead of the world height limit, but foliage may still go above Y=128. It can be selected together with any of the world sizes described in the section below.

level.dat generatorName: amplified


Java Edition exclusive[edit]

Type Description Image
Large Biomes Generates a default world type, but with each geographic feature 4x larger along the X and Z axis, which results in biomes with 16 times as much area. Because of this, villages, desert temples, jungle temples and other generated structures are all more likely to be found.

level.dat generatorName: largeBiomes

Large Biome.png
Debug Mode A world type containing all of the block states laid out in a grid at layer y=70 for convenient viewing. It can be accessed by holding down the ⇧ Shift key while cycling through the world types.

In this world type, there is a floor on y=60 made of barriers and the player cannot place or destroy blocks.

level.dat generatorName: debug_all_block_states

Debug World Type Flyover 14w32d.png
Buffet A customizable world type that creates a world of a single biome. It can be generated using the surface, floating islands, and cave options, which result in Overworld, the End, and Nether generation, respectively – regardless of whether that biome is normally found in that dimension.

level.dat generatorName: buffet

Buffet Biome.png
Custom A JSON driven customizable world where the the generation of existing dimensions can be changed and new dimensions can be added World-type-custom.png

Bedrock Edition exclusive[edit]

Type Description Image
Old This world type has a finite area of 256×256 blocks with an invisible barrier surrounding it.

In Pi Edition, which is based on Pocket Edition Alpha 0.6.1, this is the only world type.

Converting from old to infinite world is is possible, but incompatible with Minecraft China.



Java Edition Indev
0.31 (January 6, 2010)World types have been introduced, they are officially used in Map types, map shapes and map sizes, all of which allows the player to customize how a world generates. Map themes were added in Indev 0.31 (January 7, 2010).
Java Edition Infdev
February 27, 2010World types no longer function.
March 27, 2010Map types, shapes and themes have now been removed.
World types have now been removed and replaced by World selections.
Java Edition
1.112w01aRe-added World type options, which are currently Default and Superflat.
1.3.112w19aA new world type called 'Large biomes' has now been added.
1.4.212w37aThe ability to customize the super flat world has now been added.
1.7.213w36aA new world type named 'AMPLIFIED' has now added.
1.814w17aA new world type named 'Customized' has now been added.
14w26aA new world type named 'Debug Mode' has now been added.
1.1318w06aThe customized world type has now been removed.
18w16aA new world type named buffet has now been added.
1.1620w21aThe "Single Biome", "Caves", and "Floating Islands" options are now world type values instead of being an option in the Buffet world options.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.9.0Added Flat world type.
Added Infinite world type.
Added Old world type option.
0.16.0build 1The Old world type has now been removed.
build 5The Old world type has now been re-added.
Legacy Console Edition
TU5CU11.0Patch 11.0.1Added Superflat world type. The Nether is also flat in this world type.
TU25CU141.17Added ability to customize superflat world.
CU361.38Added the Amplified Terrain option.


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  • The Sky Dimension can be recreated with the Buffet world type by selecting The End as the Dimension and selecting the Biome as any Forest.

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