Woodland Mansion/Structure/Libraries

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This page documents the layer-by-layer composition of a given generated structure or terrain feature.

There are three different sizes of libraries.

Any flowers on top of flower pots is what you put in the flower pot.

Small Library

The ring of dark oak stairs all are upside down and face inside
The flower pot have one allium.

Medium Library

The oak wood stairs around the outside the structure face in and the oak wood stairs in the center are upside down and face out
The flower pots have one dandelion, one oxeye daisy, one red tulip, and one poppy

Large Library

The oak wood slabs on Layer 1 is upside down. The oak wood stairs on Layer 1 face the table, while the oak wood stairs on Layer 2 face away from the table. Refer to the image if unsure how each stair is placed.