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whitelist.json is a server configuration file that stores the usernames of players who have been whitelisted on a server. This file is only used on multiplayer servers. To activate the whitelist, the white-list value in server.properties must be changed to true: white-list=true. This will then only allow the named users to connect to the server.

Each entry in whitelist.json is a JSON object with two elements, uuid and name. uuid is the UUID (Universally Unique Identification) of a player, and name is theusername of a player.

    "uuid": "f430dbb6-5d9a-444e-b542-e47329b2c5a0",
    "name": "username"
    "uuid": "e5aa0f99-2727-4a11-981f-dded8b1cd032",
    "name": "username"

As well as manually editing the file, the command /whitelist can also be used by operators.