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Cobweb JE3 BE2.png

Partial (diffuses sky light)



Blast resistance






Yes (64)



Catches fire from lava


Data value

dec: 30 hex: 1E bin: 11110

Namespaced ID

See § Data values

A cobweb is a block that slows down movement.


Natural generation[edit]

Cobwebs generate naturally in stronghold libraries, igloo basements, mineshafts and woodland mansion spider spawner rooms. Cobwebs also generate in zombie villages.


Cobwebs can be obtained by clipping them with shears. A cobweb also drops itself if broken with a sword enchanted with Silk Touch.[a] A cobweb drops one piece of string if broken with a non-Silk Touch sword, or if water touches or flows over it, or a piston pushes it. It drops nothing when broken using anything else.

Block Cobweb
Hardness 4
Breaking time
Default 20
Shears 0.4
Sword 0.4


Mobs can spawn inside of cobwebs, in which case they do not catch fire if they are caught in a cobweb. Cobwebs also diffuse sky light.

Blocks can be placed on cobwebs. Paintings[Java Edition only] and signs can be placed on their sides, or on top in the case of signs.

Redstone circuits[edit]

2 cobwebs delay for around a minute

Cobwebs can be used as a delaying mechanism in a redstone circuit, for example to delay an item falling on a pressure plate or into a hopper.


All mobs except for spiders and cave spiders experience slow movement through a cobweb. A mob falling through a cobweb takes 13 seconds to move down 1 block. A cobweb can partially stop blast damage if a player and the TNT/creeper/etc. are both caught in the cobweb. The slowing effect of the cobweb increases if it is placed on ice.

A cobweb affects the player's movement abilities, as well. While in contact with it, the player can move at a speed about 15% of the normal walking speed. Additionally, jumping vibrates the player akin to jumping in a 2-block-high space.‌[Java Edition only] A cobweb also limits the rate at which a player can break blocks. Like water, falling into a cobweb prevents a player from taking fall damage, meaning a fatal fall can be mitigated with cobwebs. Attacking while falling through a cobweb counts as a critical hit, the same as when falling after a jump.

Items thrown into a cobweb are slowed and fall through it after a maximum of about 24 seconds depending on where it enters. They do not merge with other items of the same type thrown on the ground.

Cobwebs have different effects on moving entities. A falling block that falls or is shot into a cobweb slows down, then drops as an item after about 4 seconds.‌[Java Edition only] An arrow shot at a cobweb passes through without being slowed.

A minecart with no players in it takes about 9 seconds to fall through a cobweb if a rail is placed directly under the cobweb, however if there is air between the cobweb and the rail, the minecart takes about 34 seconds to fall. Every extra cobweb added gives an additional 25 seconds of falling time. Players are unaffected by cobwebs when in a minecart unless they come into direct contact.

Crafting ingredient[edit]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
String Cobweb [Bedrock Edition only]


Java Edition:

SoundSubtitleSourceDescriptionNamespaced IDSubtitle keyVolumePitchAttenuation distance
Block brokenBlocksBreaking the blockblock.stone.break subtitles.block.generic.break 1.00.816
NoneBlocksFalling on the block with fall damageblock.stone.fall None 0.50.7516
Block breakingBlocksMining the blockblock.stone.hit subtitles.block.generic.hit 0.250.516
Block placedBlocksPlacing the 1.00.816
FootstepsBlocksWalking on the blockblock.stone.step subtitles.block.generic.footsteps 0.151.016

Bedrock Edition:

SoundDescriptionNamespaced IDVolumePitch
Breaking the blockdig.stone ? 0.8
Falling on the block with fall damagefall.stone ? ?
Mining the blockhit.stone ? 0.5
?Jumping from the blockjump.stone ? ?
?Falling on the block without fall damageland.stone ? ?
Walking on the blockstep.stone ? ?
Placing the blockuse.stone ? 0.8

Data values[edit]


Java Edition:

Block Namespaced ID
Cobweb cobweb

Bedrock Edition:

Block Namespaced ID Numeric ID
Cobweb web 30


Java Edition Classic
October 23, 2009Notch originally planned for spiders to produce webs.
0.26_SURVIVAL_TESTCobweb JE1.png Cobwebs have now been added to the terrain.png file, but are not yet implemented as an object in the game.
Java Edition Beta
1.5 Cobweb blocks have been introduced, but do not occur in the world and can be obtained only with a third party mod or cheat.
Cobweb JE2 BE1.png The texture of cobwebs has now been changed, having a string based texture instead of a white solid texture.
Cobwebs now suffocate the player like solid blocks if entered.
Cobwebs will drop only string when broken using a sword.
1.7Cobwebs now drop string when broken using shears.
1.8Pre-releaseNew structures have been introduced that incorporate cobwebs: abandoned mineshafts, especially dense near their cave spider spawners, and strongholds, especially in the libraries.
?Cobwebs no longer suffocate the player if entered.
Java Edition
1.2.112w06aCobwebs now completely absorb all fall damage.
1.4.4preCobwebs no longer slow down flying players in creative.
1.4.612w49aCobwebs can be now obtained in survival with the Silk Touch enchantment on shears or a sword. In survival mode, however, shears can be enchanted with Silk Touch to obtain cobwebs.
1.915w43bCobwebs can now be found in igloo basements.
15w47cSilk Touch is no longer required to obtain cobweb when using shears.
15w49aCobwebs now catch ender pearls, snowballs, eggs, bottles o' enchanting and thrown potions as the corresponding dropped items.
15w49bCobwebs no longer catch thrown projectiles as dropped items.
1.1116w39aCobwebs now generate in woodland mansions.
1.1317w47aThe ID has now been changed from web to cobweb.
Prior to The Flattening, this block's numeral ID was 30.
1.1418w43aCobweb JE3 BE2.png The texture of cobwebs has now been changed.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.5.0Cobweb JE2 BE1.png Added cobwebs.
Cobwebs are unobtainable without inventory editors.
0.8.0build 6Cobwebs have now been added to the creative inventory.
0.9.0build 1Cobwebs now spawn naturally in abandoned mineshafts.
Added smooth lighting to cobwebs.
0.12.1build 1Cobwebs can be now obtained in survival with the Silk Touch enchantment on shears.
Pocket Edition
1.0.0alpha can now be found in igloo basements.
1.1.0alpha now generate in woodland mansions.
alpha can now be crafted into 9 string.
?Breaking cobweb no longer require shears with the Silk Touch enchantment.
Bedrock Edition
1.10.0beta JE3 BE2.png The texture of cobwebs has now been changed.
Legacy Console Edition
TU5CU11.0Patch 1Cobweb JE2 BE1.png Added webs.
TU57CU491.56Patch 271.0.7Webs can now be crafted into 9 string.
TU691.76Patch 38"Webs" have now been renamed to "cobwebs".
1.90Cobweb JE3 BE2.png The texture of cobwebs has now been changed.
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
0.1.0Cobweb JE2 BE1.png Added cobwebs.


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  1. Swords can be enchanted with Silk Touch only using Creative mode or commands.