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Weapons are tools and items that can be used to damage entities. There are currently 10 weapons in-game :

  • Axe – A melee weapon with a crushing blow attack.
  • Sword – A melee weapon that has a sweep attack.
  • Trident – An noncraftable weapon that has a melee attack, but it can also be launched from a distance.
  • Bow – A ranged weapon that shoots arrows to deal damage.
  • Crossbow – A ranged weapon that is stronger than a bow, but takes longer to reload.
  • Arrow, Spectral Arrow and Tipped Arrow – Items that can be shot with bows, crossbow or dispensers to deal damage or apply status effects.
  • Firework Rocket – Items that can be launched with crossbow or dispenser to deal damage and obscure opponent vision.
  • Fire Charge – Can be shot out of a dispenser to deal damage. There are multiple sizes/types. Large fireballs are shot by Ghast and explode on impact. Small fireballs are shot by Blaze and can be crafted to shoot out of a Dispenser. They as well explode on impact. Dragon Fireballs are shot by the Ender Dragon and leave a damaging particle cloud.
  • Snowball – A projectile shot by players, Dispenser and Snow Golem.
  • Damage Splash Potions and Damage Lingering Potions – Potions that can be used to deal magical damage.

Other combat-related items:

  • Shield - A defensive item that blocks attacks. However, axes can disable a Shield temporary.
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