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This page documents the layer-by-layer composition of a given generated structure or terrain feature.


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Info: Plains Z village:

- glass panes -> brown glass panes 
- more mossy cobblestone

Desert Z Village:


Snowy Tundra Village:


Savanah Z Village:


Taiga+(Snow) Z Village:



- Villagers are replaced with Zombie villagers of respective biome types
- All torches and doors are destroyed
- cobwebs can replace any block besides chests, bells, work stations, carpets, and water source blocks (glass can be replaced)
- glass panes in temples stay same


Mossy cobblestone sporadically replace cobblestone when naturally generated.

Note: Jigsaw Blocks not included.


Snowy Tundra[edit]

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The specific instructions are: Fisher Cottage 1 Blueprints (all layers). Mason 2 image showing Stripped logs vs Stripped woods for layers 4 and 6, or a description of which is which.



Note: These structures also generate in the snowy taiga village variant, and are topped with snow layers wherever there is sky access.[Bedrock Edition only]