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The following is a list of versions that are and not included in the Minecraft launcher (as of November 11, 2018). If a version is labeled as edited, it means that the META-INF files in the jar are dated differently from the release date. This is because when these versions were added (in 2013), the META-INF had to be renewed. Other then that, nothing else is changed in the versions, with the exceptions of the Pre-Classic and Classic versions looking and feeling completely different from their original counterparts. (Versions labeled as edited are currently in the Minecraft launcher. If a version is not labeled as edited, it is not in the Minecraft launcher).


All pre-classic versions


Early Classic Creative[edit]

Multiplayer Test[edit]

Survival Test[edit]

Late Classic Creative[edit]

Development Builds[edit]

These versions were testing versions posted about on Notch's tumblr blog, The Word of Notch, however, they were never released to the public.


Indev 0.31[edit]

Minecraft Indev[edit]



Note: The launcher version could be edited so the original version may not be unavailable.

Alpha v1.0[edit]

Alpha v1.1[edit]

  • The original Alpha v1.1.0 (Seecret Friday Update 9) (the reuploaded version is not available, and the pre-reuploaded version in the launcher is recompiled differently and has a completely different checksum than the original version).
  • Alpha v1.1.1 (Seecret Saturday Update 1).
  • The original Alpha v1.1.2 (the launcher version is edited).[verify]
  • The original Alpha v1.1.2_01 (the launcher version is edited).[verify]

Alpha v1.2[edit]


Beta 1.0[edit]

  • The original Beta 1.0 (the launcher version is edited).
  • The original Beta 1.0_01 (the launcher version is edited).
  • The original Beta 1.0.2 (the launcher version is edited).

Beta 1.1[edit]

Beta 1.2[edit]

  • The original Beta 1.2 (the launcher version is edited).
  • The original Beta 1.2_01 (the launcher version is edited).
  • The original Beta 1.2_02 (the launcher version is edited).

Beta 1.3[edit]

Beta 1.4[edit]

  • The original Beta 1.4 (the launcher version is edited).
  • The original Beta 1.4_01 (the launcher version is edited).

Beta 1.5[edit]

  • The original Beta 1.5 (the launcher version is edited).
  • The original Beta 1.5_01 (the launcher version is edited).

Beta 1.6[edit]

Beta 1.7[edit]

Beta 1.8[edit]


Snapshots: for more information about snapshots and other development versions, see Java Edition version history/Development versions.











  • 13w11a
  • 13w12~ (neither the pre-reuploaded nor the reuploaded version is available in the launcher).

There are some releases, such as release 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8.8 that were originally uploaded as a pre-release, but then reuploaded to the full version.

There is also a version of snapshot 16w50a that reads "snapshot 1.11.1" instead of 16w50a.


Even though the newest Minecraft launcher includes an option to download a version's cross-platform server .jar file (whether it be for release or a development version), this does not apply to all versions. The official Minecraft server program started to be developed when Multiplayer Test was released to the public (0.0.15a (Multiplayer Test 1)). After Classic 0.30 (Creative) was released, servers were removed from the game, which is why multiplayer is not available in Indev and Infdev versions of the game. Servers were reintroduced to the game when Alpha 1.0.15 was released (however, versions as early as Alpha 1.0.5 had multiplayer code in them, though it was unusable, except to Notch, who used the code to test multiplayer), and they have been consistently updated since. There are programs available that allow connection to Classic, Alpha, and Beta servers.

The oldest server version that the launcher will allow the player to download is from release 1.2.5.


The Minecraft launcher was released during Alpha v1.0's development. This launcher could not update itself, and each time a new update was released for the launcher, a player would have to download it from This launcher was developed from 2010 to 2013, and is still available to be downloaded from archived versions of it's page.

During the 1.6.1 snapshots, a new launcher was released. This launcher was built to update itself, and the player could now have the launcher window and the game window open at the same time. The player could also switch what version they were playing without having to replace minecraft.jar in the bin directory. This launcher has been under consistent development since 2013 (although it is beginning to be phased out), and it's current version is 1.6.89-j.

The latest Minecraft launcher was made available to the public by Dinnerbone on October 26, 2016, through a twitter statement and a post on the Minecraft subreddit. This launcher no longer required java to be installed to run it, downloaded it's own runtime for the game, and had more advanced features compared to other versions of the launcher. This launcher has been under steady development since 2016, and it's current staging (development) version is 2.1.1131-stage across all operating systems. The current stable release of this launcher is 2.1.1462 for Windows, 2.1.1433 for Mac OS, and 2.1.1431 for Linux.