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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition.

version.json is embedded within client.jar in .minecraft/versions/<version> or server.jar since 18w47b. It offers some basic information about the version's attributes.

JSON format[edit]

This is the JSON format for version.json.

  • The root object.
    •  id: The version's identifier.
    •  name: The version's user-friendly name.
    •  release_target: The version's release target.
    •  world_version: The data version of this version.
    •  protocol_version: The protocol version of this version.
    •  pack_version: The resource/data pack format number ( pack_format) of this version.
    •  build_time: The release time of this version in ISO 8601 format.
    •  stable: Whether this version is a release version.


Java Edition
1.1418w47bAdded version.json.