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It's my talk page. You can read things in <!-- *** -->s.。 中文 文言文 英文

Health points

1000♥ × 500


-x place


Colorless Huge Shroom

Rare drops

red ink

Internal ID


Namespaced ID


You can talk about these things[edit]

★How to play or use——Maybe couldn't answer,∵wiki and can answer you, or Baidu the problems.

★Out of Minecraft——Don't ask so far because I may not answer,∴these questions like a zero.

★Any you think I can answer

I'm not so good at English, you can view Chinese.


After installing Little Block Mods, I can't open the game. ∵Plese install mod SlimeVoid.
How about "M16" No answer forever
How can I go to the twilight forest? Pick in 2 × 2 on the lank,fill it in water. Plant red and yellow around (both need). Q diamond!
How can I make an Aether portal. Glowstonen portal frame and water to light it.
How can I use lava? No answer forever, ∵you can go to lava.

Hi. Don't put things out of stand Minecraft like Template:Environment and other standard templates, thanks! -- Sjjklh 中文Wiki管理员 Jun.7 2015 (Sun) 04:53 (UTC)

OK.--Snoalia talk | goto --SolidBlock (talk) 02:16, 9 July 2015 (UTC)