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Welcome to my "Talk" page. Here we can discuss all kinds of things. Whether you want me to make a tutorial on something cool, or just add a bit about myself (though personal information is NOT tollerated), you can talk about anything in thing talk page, and I may be able to reply. Here are some rules:

No Personal Info[edit]

Do not ask me about personal info. If you do, I'll say that I won't tell you, or I won't reply at all.

No bad/dirty words[edit]

Do not ask me to say, or some yourself any bad/dirty words, or I will do something about it.

Stay honest[edit]

If you have something to tell me, be honest! I will allow missing details, but lying is something you learned in preschool.

=== Invitations to servers is always welcome, but it you do, please give me an IP. My computer does not allow downloading worlds for some reason...

No mods or resources[edit]

This only applies to telling me to use one, for my computer will not allow these. You may tell me about one such as how much fun you had using it.

No spam![edit]

Spam will trash up this place, and we don't want that. Keep this wiki and my talk page spam-free!


All rules of the wiki also apply to my talk page, so please follow them for this is not a place to be getting away with any rules.


Well, that's all you need to know! Goodbye

PenguinzroxXD (talk) 00:13, 30 August 2014 (UTC) PenguinzroxXD