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Your edit summary for 18w44a[edit]

In reference to this edit, this is just a note in case you ever decide to do something similar in the future. Are you certain that October 31 will always be in week 44? I don't know how Mojang counts weeks, so I'll assume for the sake of argument that a week runs from Sunday through Saturday and that week 1 is the one that contains January 1. So if Jan. 1 falls on Sunday through Wednesday, then Jan. 4 is in week 1. But if Jan. 1 falls on Thursday through Saturday, then Jan. 4 is in week 2. This demonstrates that except for Jan. 1, any given date can be in two different numbered weeks depending on when the year starts. This also applies to Oct. 31, so Halloween could fall in either week 44 or 43 (or possibly 45, I'm not sure). And in leap years, Feb. 29 pushes it one weekday later, which might push it into a still later week.

This analysis depends on defining week 1 as the week that contains Jan. 1, but it doesn't matter whether they count weeks as Sunday-Saturday or Monday-Sunday (which is common in Europe). I might be wrong: Mojang may define week 1 in a different way that deliberately avoids this quirk. However, I checked the dates of all the prior week 43 and week 45 snapshots, and it turns out you were right, so I didn't need to correct your edit. – Auldrick (talk · contribs) 01:05, 1 November 2018 (UTC)