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07:46, 4 November 2014 (UTC)[edit]

Thanks for improving Minecraft Wiki, but please know that there is a manual of style that is recommended to abide.

More specifically, I've reverted your edits on Clock circuit because it is unnecessary to make a piped link where linking to a redirect can be more convenient and useful. Compare Comparator and Comparator that lead to the same article (via a redirect in case of latter); [[Redstone Comparator|Comparator]] [[Comparator]]. The latter is shorter, isn't it?

Once again, thanks, but keep that in mind. --Naista2002Talk
07:46, 4 November 2014 (UTC)

File categories[edit]

Please check the file usage before putting a category. If it is only used on user pages, put Category:User images. The BlobsPaper JE2 BE2.png 01:39, 15 June 2017 (UTC)

Removal of comments[edit]

An admin already commented and decided to leave it up, do NOT delete comments just because you feel like it. You are in no position to determine if a comment should be removed or not. Do not undo edits for the same reasons. Discuss it instead of trying to start an edit war, edit descriptions are not a place to have a conversation. --Pepijn (talk) 04:39, 13 September 2018 (UTC)

I gave a very good reason for the removal, similar to what an admin would do. Did you even read it? MarcelTheHippie (talkcontribslogsblock log) 🐷🥕☮️ 16:09, 13 September 2018 (UTC)
It's very difficult to objectively moderate a dispute that you're also part of. If you think a comment about you is so offensive it needs to be removed from the wiki, you should contact an admin to intervene.
Also, keep in mind the Streisand_effect; attempting to remove comments often just draws more attention to them. -- Orthotopetalk 20:50, 13 September 2018 (UTC)
@Orthotope: I still would like for those comments to be removed, for the same reasons I specified in this edit summary. Since you're on my talkpage, could you please do so? I would much appreciate it. MarcelTheHippie (talkcontribslogsblock log) 🐷🥕☮️ 02:07, 14 September 2018 (UTC)
I don't see a strong reason to remove it; I warned BabylonAS because he was close to crossing a line, not because he was clearly beyond it. By removing comments yourself, you are violating the talk page guidelines. At this point, you are also edit-warring, which will result in a block if it continues. -- Orthotopetalk 18:22, 14 September 2018 (UTC)
I personally believe he already crossed it. As the original proposer and the one whom that comment was directed against, I request that you please respect my feelings and opinions by going ahead with the removal. MarcelTheHippie (talkcontribslogsblock log) 🐷🥕☮️ 22:53, 17 September 2018 (UTC)
Done. 01:59, 19 December 2018 (UTC)