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Welcome to my talk page! Before asking a question here, see if your question fits any of the following:
  • Responding to a topic of mine from another talk page? - Respond on that page first, I usually watch pages on which I create topics.
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Otherwise feel free to ask the question here using the "Add topic" button. Just remember to sign your post using ~~~~.

Witch hut article rough draft[edit]

I noticed that on your to-do list, you had to make a witch hut article on one's user page and possibly to propose to have it as a future article. I have made a rough draft of the article as a user page (see User:Madminecrafter12/Witch hut). However, every time I save an edit on this computer when a new history template has been a part of that edit, it says that an error has occurred, and it saves every part of the edit except for the history template. Thus, if this problem is just my specific computer, another user for whom this does not happen will have to make it a template. I do have the basic outline of the history, so all a user would have to do is add curly brackets ({) on each side of every line in that section. --Madminecrafter12 (talk) 15:11, 4 January 2018 (UTC)

You were probably just missing the {{history|foot}}. For future reference, you could have used <pre> tags, slightly quicker than removing the brackets. KnightMiner 20:46, 4 January 2018 (UTC)

minecraft wii u edition[edit]

how do you spawn herobrine on minecraft wii u edition? 22:04, 25 May 2018 (UTC)

Herobrine does not exist, and any rumors you've heard that he does are false. So there's no way to spawn him.-- Madminecrafter12Orange Glazed Terracotta.pngTalk to meLight Blue Glazed Terracotta.png 22:05, 25 May 2018 (UTC)