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Hi, everyone. i will list some things to do with minecraft as time goes on here.

just after you start your house, be sure to make a wheat farm. You can get seeds from tall grass. If you do this outside, be sure to fence it in. To make one, see below. x=planted ground w=water(1 deep) q=walls(if outside) Note this is viewed from above.

qqqqqqqqqq qwwwwwwwwq qwxxwwxxwq qwxxwwxxwq qwwwwwwwwq qqqqqqqqqq

assemble each row on top of the other.

this is a very fast growing design, about 3-5 minutes, and produces 8 wheat per harvest. To harvest, wade through the canals around the wheat. If you want more, extend the diagram by duplicating rows 3 and 4.

New idea! required-2 cobblestone, 2 wood planks, 1 house with door(your own). first smelt the cobblestone into stone(using the wood). Then make a pressure plate with them(place them horizontally). place the plate in front of the door on the inside of your house(make sure the door is closed). Now, the plate will open/close the door for you as you exit the house. You can even do this on the outside, but creepers may trigger it and be let in. finally, if you have a redstone and 8 planks, you can make a note block to serve as a doorbell. Place this next to the plate and it will ring if something steps on it.