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This user is semi-active.
Reason: Trying to document every mod in existence on the Official FTB Wiki

I'm Xbony2. I'm a modded Minecraft player mostly and I document mods and stuff on the FTB Wiki (which is much more of a modded Minecraft wiki than an FTB wiki). I'm also a member of GRASP, aka Gamepedia's Rapid Anti-Spam Patrol, so I might ban vandals and revert/delete their rubbish.

Silly boxes[edit | edit source]

Xbony2 prefers Mac.
Xbony2 prefers macOS.
This user is also on Wikipedia.
Flag of the United States.svg Xbony2 IS AN AMERICAN
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This user's account in Minecraft is xbony2.
This user has been playing
Minecraft since 1.2.5.
Xbony2 prefers Minecraft Java Edition
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This user prefers a modded, non-vanilla Minecraft.
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This user builds a lot.
666 This user has made over 666 edits to this wiki.
Ftb.JPG Xbony2 is a member of the Feed The Beast Wiki.
This user is a Minecraft modder.

Brief history[edit | edit source]

The more updated history is here- ftb:User:Xbony2.

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Random Button O' Doom[edit | edit source]

Since there is was not a random button on the sidebar, I made my own.

Me on other wikis[edit | edit source]

List of language main pages[edit | edit source]

  1. Minecraft Wiki/eo
  2. Minecraft Wiki/fin
  3. Minecraft Wiki/id
  4. Minecraft Wiki/no
  5. Minecraft Wiki/se
  6. Minecraft Wiki/tl