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I am student, game player and beginning programer not living in Siberia. Some of favorite games include; Minecraft (obviously) Age Of Mythology (real time strategy, basic idea, build strong economy, build massive army's, crush your opponent or the computer into the dust) The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis (puzzle game, it does not seem very hard at first but it gets to where it is almost impossible) Plants Vs Zombies (indescribable but I'll try, zombies want to eat your brains, you don't want them to eat your brains, so what do you do? Why plant a lethal garden of peashooters, potato mines and cabbage-pults to kill those admittedly kind of cute pitiful shuffling zombies of course. It's completely insane and awesome).

Links to the Wiki pages on those games. [1] [2] [3] My favorite Minecraft mob is the Zombie, I like how they wear a blue green shirt and just wonder around with there arms outstretched.