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In Xbox 360 Edition, Avatars are available as downloadable content that can be bought from the Xbox 360 marketplace or from the downloadable content section of the game, as an addition to the default props for the Xbox avatars. Avatars prices range from $0.99 to $2.99 however you may preview what the prop will look like on the avatar in the Xbox 360 marketplace.[1]


Name [1] Image [1] Price [1]
Minecon 2015 Cape $0.99
Minecon 2013 Cape $0.99
Minecraft Chicken Head $1.99
Minecraft Enderdragon T-Shirt (Men) $1.00
Minecraft Mushrooms $1.99
Minecraft Enderdragon $2.99
Minecraft Pets $2.99
Minecraft Blaze Head $1.99
Minecraft Enderdragon T-Shirt (Women) $1.00
1st Birthday Cape $1.00
Minecraft Sheep Head $1.99
Squid T-Shirt (Women) $1.00
Pig T-Shirt (Men) $1.00
Zombie Pigman $2.99
Minecraft Magma Cube $2.99
Iron Golem $2.99
Snow Golem $2.99
Minecon 2012 Cape $1.00
Ocelot Pet $2.99
Tame Wolf T-shirt (Men) $1.00
Squid T-shirt (Men) $1.00
Zombie Pigman Head $1.99
Tame Wolf T-shirt (Women) $1.00
Pig T-shirt (Women) $1.00
Minecraft Enderman Head $1.99
Minecraft Enderman T-shirt (Women) $1.00
Cow T-shirt (Men) $1.00
Ender Dragon Pet $2.99

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