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Color Comparison of Proper Building Materials[edit]

There are blocks in Minecraft used for coloring structures. Unlike wool, a color of stained clay is usually too different to call the colors of its corresponding dye (For example, Cyan Stained Clay is almost gray). Except wool blocks and stained clay blocks, some blocks with less patterns and secondary colors are often applied for coloring use. I've measured the hue and brightness values for telling apart the exact colors of these blocks. Most of these blocks are separated to either colorful or colorless, except 4 blocks(Obsidian, Clay Block, Black Stained Clay, Snow Block) which appear in both. Cyan Stained Clay is plotted as colorless due to its low saturation.

Colorless Blocks[edit]

The cyan numbers in each of the blocks represent the brightness(0 as exact black and 100 as pure white). Mc colorlessblock graylevel.png

Colorful Blocks[edit]

Each of the numbers shows the average hue value of the block(s) below or containing it. Mc colorblock hue.png

The following two images shows how the orange-brownish blocks scatter in the saturation/brightness map of hue=22/360. Each of the blocks has a hue value between 18/360 to 26/360.

Mc colorblock orangebrown.png