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Notch Time Actual Time Event
Every Friday On Fridays when I'm here and not too busy, not too tired, not playing Civ 5, not busy signing papers, not talking to lawyers, not working on a big seasonal update, not busy admiring saunas and not after I've been to the dentist. Also not after I've given up on seecret friday updates. Friday updates
  • After my vacation.
  • When I'm not having Jeb do it instead.
Coding Minecraft
I'm going to a conference Never Summer 2010 (Northern Hemisphere)
  • Right after adding a crafting system (As appeared on the check list of 29th December 2009)
  • "Not on this week!" (said on 17th February 2010)
  • "Once infinite (maps) is done" (said on 8th September 2010)
  • "Next week!" (said on 13th April 2010)
  • Will start working on it right now (as appeared on the schedule of 21st April 2010)
  • "...After 2 or 3 singleplayer updates..." (said in May, 2010 )
  • "Next week!" (said on 30th June 2010)
  • "Will start working on it next week!" (said on 4th July 2010)
22nd July, 2010 Survival Multiplayer
Friday (17th September 2010) Saturday evening (18th September 2010) Seecret Friday update 10, furnace fix, and volume sliders update
Planned to be fixed on Monday (20th September 2010) Fix released on Tuesday (21st September 2010) Huge forum/wiki/server explosion weekend (started 17th September 2010)
8th November 2010 10th November 2010 (After a delay from a charming birthday dinner with ez) Custom skin support
Coming next week, before Beta (11th December 2010) 20th December 2010 Server-side inventory
"This Week" (Posted 27th of March) 19th of April 2011 1.5 Beta Update (Achievements, Stats)
  • "Not Soon" (Posted 2nd of May)
  • Wednesday 25th of May (Posted 23rd of May)
  • Early tomorrow morning (Posted 25th of May)
26th of May (Around 11:00) 1.6 Beta Update (Bug Fixes, Nether in SMP)
  • "1.7 Beta Update" (Posted 30th of May)
  • "Will take a while" (Posted 30th of May)
  • "Haven't even started discussing that yet" (Posted 20th of June)
  • "will take however long it takes" (Posted 27th of June)
  • "The rumors of 1.8 this sunday are greatly exaggerated." (Posted 27th of August)
  • "1.8 is not done, we need to tweak a few things..." (Posted 29th of August)
  • "Our best guess is September the 8th" (Posted 1st september)
  • "Our NEW best guess is September 12th" (Posted 8th september)
  • Part 1.1: Pre-1.8 'Leaked' Beta (9th September)
  • Part 1.2: 1.8 Beta (13th September)
  • TBA (Now announced to be finished with the 1.9 update)
Adventure Update
"Next week" (said on 3rd January 2011) TBA Paint
Tuesday 22nd February

+ September 8th (Adventure update)

TBA Modding API
31st October 2010 (Halloween Update) TBA Torches and lanterns update