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A casual editor who enjoys the simple yet rich and complex nature of Minecraft. Playing since the days of Classic, editing this Wiki since late 2012, and still learning new things every day!

I especially love taking photos of the beautiful natural landscape, and all that it has to offer. I've been all over the world!

Here are some examples of my work:

ExtremeHillsM.png Gravelly Mountains Plus.png Taiga Mountains.png

Birch Forest Hills.png Tall Birch Hills.png Mega Taiga Hills.png

Mesa Plateau.png Savanna updated.png Ice Spikes.png

Modified Jungle.png Snowy Taiga Mountains.png Mesa Plateau M.png

Mesa Plateau F M.png Redwood Sunset.png Mesa Plateau F M updated.png

Modified Badlands Plateau.png Badlands Plateau.png Deep Ocean.png

Desert Hills.png Snowy Mountains.png Dark Forest Hills.png

SunsetOverMountain.png Waterfall Cavern.png Tree Cave.png

ZombieVillageDaylight.png Modified Wooded Badlands Plateau.png ExtremeHillsComparison.png

DoubleRiver.png SlimesAtNight.png CrescentMoonRise.png

ForestNighttime.png MoonInCave.png ForestMoonRise.png

ATaleOfTwoCities.png LonelyEndShip.png The End.png

CityEntrance.png MansionEntrance.png Woodland mansion 1x1 b1.png

And much more to come...