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Hello, I am one of the admins on the wiki. I mostly revert vandalism and do other minor maintenance fixes, as well as sometimes upload files or fix article content. Regarding the game itself, I primarily play the Java Edition (both vanilla and modded), and only use the Windows 10/Bedrock edition occasionally to test things.

I also have a bot account (User:Sonicbot32), which can be used to quickly perform repetitive tasks without having them show in recent changes.

If you wish to contact me, feel free to leave a message on my talk page or profile comments, or if it's private, send me an email. I am also on the wiki's Discord server.

Useful pages[edit]

mostly for personal reference

Wiki statistics[edit]

This wiki currently has a total of 4,150 articles (57,373 total pages), 20,193 files, 492,707 users (329 of which are active), and has been edited 1,153,990 times since its creation on June 17, 2009.

Random findings[edit]

  • The /playsound command in Bedrock edition seems to have a pitch range of 0.000001 to 256, unlike Java's which is limited to 0.5-2.


Java Edition
1.2.5June 2012Was first introduced to Minecraft by a friend.
1.4.7Early 2013Started playing with mods (specifically Risugami's mods).
1.6.2September 13, 2013Created an account at the Minecraft Forums.
1.7.4February 22, 2014Made my first wiki edit with this account. I believe I also made a few anonymous edits around that time, but can't remember what the IP address was.
1.7.10June 25, 2014Opened my first bug report on the JIRA bug tracker (resolved as duplicate).[note 1]
July 2014Started editing the Minecraft Wiki with some degree of regularity.
1.8.1November 29, 2014Made my first edit to a Wikipedia article (which got reverted).
1.8.4May 14, 2015Started editing on Advent of Ascension wiki (a wiki about a Minecraft mod).
1.12.2February 22, 2018Became a helper on the bug tracker.
1.13.2November 28, 2018Became an admin of this wiki.
1.14February 20, 2019Created a bot account (Sonicbot32).
May 22, 2019Became a mod on the bug tracker.
  1. There are some earlier reports listed under my name, but those were later transferred under my ownership after the original reporter became inactive.


This user has been a member of the Minecraft Wiki since 22 Feb 2014
This user has been playing
Minecraft since 1.2.5.
Sonicwave32 prefers Minecraft Java Edition.
This user prefers Windows.
Sonicwave32 prefers a PC.
Firefox.svg Sonicwave32 prefers Mozilla Firefox.
Sonicwave32 is also a moderator on the Mojira bug tracker.
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Sonicwave32 is part of the Rewrite for Style project.

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