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Hi!  I'm Aaron.
Sealbudsman is my name in-game, on the wiki and on the bug tracker.
I'm shuffdog on reddit and wikipedia. I'm Aaron#7628 on discord.
Here's my skin.
I own the game on Java, Win 10, Android and the Kindle Fire.
Little daughter turned 4 this March. ♡♡♡
Little daughter turned 2 this June. ♡♡♡
We had our baby daughter this August! ~(:D)
“Ja, man wird schliesslich, um die biologische Bedeutung der Spiele in ihrer ganzen Grösse zu würdigen: vielleicht ist die Einrichtung der Jugendzeit selbst zum Theil um der Spiele willen getroffen; die Thiere spielen nicht, weil sie jung sind, sondern sie haben eine Jugend, weil sie spielen müssen.”
“Yes, one finally appreciates the biological significance of the Game in its full magnitude: perhaps the institution of Youth itself is made partly for the sake of the Game; the animals do not play because they are young, rather they have their Youth because they have to play.”

 — Karl Groos, 1896

“Gross well says that children are young because they play, and not vice versa; and he might have added, men grow old because they stop playing, and not conversely, for play is, at bottom, growth, and at the top of the intellectual scale it is the eternal type of research from sheer love of truth.”
 — G. Stanley Hall, 1904

LootChestItem table test[edit]

Ok please nobody actually use this module or overwrite the first one, until it's got the chest-table functionality too.

Todo list:

  1. finish importing the chest data in the new data structure.
  2. make the chest-table thing work with the new data structure.
  3. the headers should get the same columns and hover-text as the chest tables. it's misleading to just show the stack size : (
  4. there needs to be a way to differentiate between console-nonexistent and console-unknown. 🤔

Item Container # Stacks Stack Size Weight # Items Chance # Chests Java Bedrock Console
Coal Shipwreck
Supply chest
0 2–8 0 0 40% 0 Yes No Unknown [needs testing]
Coal Shipwreck
Supply chest
0 2–8 0 0 44.4% 0 No Yes Unknown [needs testing]
Coal Underwater ruins
Big chest
0 1–4 0 0 81% 0 Yes Yes Unknown [needs testing]
Coal Underwater ruins
Small chest
0 1–4 0 0 84.2% 0 Yes Yes Unknown [needs testing]
Emerald Buried treasure
0 4–8 0 0 53.1% 0 Yes No Unknown [needs testing]
Emerald Shipwreck
Treasure chest
0 1–5 0 0 73.7% 0 Yes Yes Unknown [needs testing]
Emerald Underwater ruins
Big chest
0 1 0 0 14.9% 0 Yes Yes Unknown [needs testing]
Emerald Underwater ruins
Small chest
0 1 0 0 16.4% 0 Yes Yes Unknown [needs testing]

Container # Stacks Stack Size Weight # Items Chance # Chests Java Bedrock Console
Buried treasure
0 3–5 0 0 57.2% 0 No Yes Unknown [needs testing]
Buried treasure
0 1–4 0 0 99.4% 0 Yes No Unknown [needs testing]
Treasure chest
0 1–5 0 0 97.4% 0 Yes Yes Unknown [needs testing]


  • There are no deprecated sprites on this sheet, at this time

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  • Use column-width rather than column-count in {{Reflist}}, for better readability talk, admin talk (1561d) – User:Majr is handling this
  • Tutorial page for head items? talk (1301d)
  • Bring Chunk format into consistency with class inheritance talk (1273d)
    • FallFlying
  • Left-right infobox image layout talk (1230d)

Bug tracking[edit]

  • MC-7200 – Cave/tunnel generation may cut tunnels a bit too soon (fix included) unresolved as of 1.11.2 – and 17w16b
  • MC-12918 – Chests in jungle temples have a wrong orientation. – unresolved as of 1.14.4 – and 19w41a
  • MC-16132 – Cave generator won't cut through snow blocks or red sand – unresolved as of 1.14.4 – and 19w41a
  • MC-29613 – Bonus chest floating above lake unresolved as of 1.13.2 – and 19w14a
  • MC-86654 – Obsidian pillars generate all the way down to y=0 – unresolved as of 1.14.4 – and 19w40a
  • MC-111378 – Math error (random generation of zero) causing map gen to fail – unresolved as of 1.14.4 – and 19w41a
  • MC-112446 – Trees generating in backyard of butcher village house unresolved as of 1.12.2 – and 18w03b awaiting reponse
  • MC-117710 – Bonus Chest setting is not copied when re-creating world – unresolved as of 1.14.4 – and 19w36a
  • MC-118064 – Cactus generation checks are always the base block instead of offset blocks unresolved as of 1.12.2 – and 18w20c
  • MC-125009 – Underground lily pads unresolved as of 1.13.2 – and 19w02a
  • MC-19676 – Mining a block in Survival, then changing to Adventure creates a breaking animation and sound – unresolved as of 1.14.4 – and 19w36a
  • MC-46417 – Sprint particles in spectator mode – unresolved as of 1.14.4 – and 19w36a
  • MC-46766 – Spectator block breaking graphical glitch – unresolved as of 1.14.4 – and 19w36a
  • MC-55233 – Spectator block breaking particles, short-lived – unresolved as of 1.14.4 – and 19w36a
Block updates[edit]
  • MC-107664 – Some events do not trigger observers – unresolved as of 1.14.4 – and 19w40a
  • MC-160467 – Opening and closing shulker boxes triggers observers twice. – unresolved as of 1.14.4 – and 19w36a
  • MC-3263 – Several blocks made of wood (Signs, Ladders, Chests, Trapdoors, Doors...) won't burn.
  • MC-93764 – Zombies and skeletons mobs catch fire and endermen teleport when next to light sources in the End. unresolved as of 1.13.1
  • MC-109948 – Lava cannot ignite coal blocks / hay bales / dried kelp blocks / 1-block flowers / sweet berry bush / scaffolding – unresolved as of 1.14.4 – and 19w36a
  • MC-118889 – Blocks burn faster in humid biomes unresolved as of 1.12
Boundary conditions[edit]
  • MC-11211 – Unable to right click the top face of blocks placed at y=255 – unresolved as of 1.14.4 – and 19w40a
  • MC-54119 – Can place/take water/lava/lilypads outside worldborder and inside spawn protection – unresolved as of 1.14.4 – and 19w36a
  • MC-64544 – Worldborder set to a small number causes respawn on top of worldborder unresolved as of 1.13.1
  • MC-122412 – Some blockstates appear twice in a debug world unresolved as of 1.13.2 – and 19w09a
  • MC-30403 – Sprinting while riding a horse / using a boat / using a minecart changes FOV – unresolved as of 1.14.4
  • MC-90084 – When sitting in boats mob legs penetrate the hull – unresolved as of 1.14.4 – and 19w40a
  • MC-90148 – Passenger head keeps rotating after player gets out of a boat unresolved as of 1.13.2 – and 18w50a
  • MC-90923 – Boats and minecarts not picking up armor stands – unresolved as of 1.14.4
  • MC-94161 – Boat paddles in inventory look the same (all oak), but on the ground look of the respective type of boat – unresolved as of 1.14.4 – and 19w39a
  • MC-96365 – Boats retain their momentum after exiting a moving boat and re-entering unresolved as of 1.13.2 – and 19w03c
  • MC-113977 – Crash when attempting to auto-save the game on an encrypted drive unresolved as of 1.13.1
Other graphical[edit]
  • MC-9232 – When loading a world, the held item from the previously loaded world is briefly visible – unresolved as of 1.14.4 – and 19w37a
  • MC-89801 – Glitchy lines below player head model caused by second head layer or helmet unresolved as of 1.13.2 – and 18w50a
  • MC-108598 – Client rendering other player or mob holding compass influences compass of user unresolved as of 1.12.2 – and 18w43b
  • MC-121510 – Top color of some dyed leather armor are using the old color code – unresolved as of 1.14.4 – and 19w38b
  • MC-163813 – The foot and head of a bed aren't placed simultaneously. – unresolved as of 1.14.4 – and 19w41a
Other behavioral[edit]
  • MC-1133 – Whether or not a player experiences some effect is calculated based on the block under the center of the player – unresolved as of 1.14.4 – and 19w40a
  • MC-91163 – Certain subtitles ignore distance/range – unresolved as of 1.14.4 – and 19w34a
  • MC-119000 – Fire charges no longer immediately detonate minecart TNT in 1.12 unresolved as of 1.13.1
  • MC-119372 – Guardians render outside of their hitboxes when they look up or down – unresolved as of 1.14.4 – and 19w41a
  • MC-129119 – Possible travel exploit - enderpearl stasis unresolved as of 1.12.2 – and 18w16a
  • MC-143184 – Eye level does not match visible eye position for some entities unresolved as of 1.13.2 – and 19w13a


Java Edition Beta
1.6First heard of Minecraft. Friends were exploring the nether together, they had been playing for some time. Overheard talk about the relatively new bed.
1.8rant_owl was fond of the new silverfish.
Java Edition
1.1Played classic on the website for a bit, had fun mastering control of the old-style water flooding and building underwater.
1.2.1Heard about this cool new thing, the jungle biome
1.2.5April 24, 2012Got my own Minecraft account.
Played singleplayer for a while, built a small treehouse in the taiga, built a pit mine straight down to bedrock, encountered spooky frightening skeleton sounds.
?Got together with bread_guy, mobileman, rant_owl and others on a private vanilla server. Normal difficulty, cheats enabled.
Initially settled underneath a lagoon near rant_owl's ocean bread farm, making a modest cane farm above, but a secret network of tunnels beneath. The others soon focused on villager trading when 1.3 came around, building a vast NPC hotel, with a world-height enderdragon statue. Still others flattened the land to the west, and built mysterious towers and mines.
Plunged north into the taiga with mobileman, fell underwater during a spider battle into a massive cave system. Hollowed it out. Specialized as an underwater tree farmer. Became the wood supplier in the local economy.
Became obsessed with building a road due north, laying slabs and marking signs per kilometer. It was my first foray into making lengthy expeditions and roughing it.
Further north, bread_guy finally found a mushroom island, had a prolonged adventure tunnelling back dozens and dozens of kilometers with the mooshrooms. A team effort ensued of going back and forth to supply her with good enchanted diamond pickaxes.
I stayed away from such interests as exploring the Nether or the End, due to having a laggy computer, though carefully ventured out for glowstone from time to time.
Group interest generally fell off after the falling-into-the-Nether bug during the 1.4 versions, and especially our particular server's disk space issues started wiping inventories.
1.4.2Oct 24, 2012The bug tracker opens
1.4.5Dec 6, 2012Opened my first ticket on the bug tracker (MC-4155) as Sealbudsman
1.5Same crowd on yet another private server. Normal difficulty, no cheats.
Carved a grand underground megabase, with lavapit. Was pranked with snowmen. rant_owl fortified a dirt castle and made a chess set. The others built treehouses nearby.
I did a lot with mob farms. Much relaxing ocean boating and island-hopping, exploring and mapmaking. We did really well terraforming the Nether.
We exhausted the land and migrated west; we built a castle, a lakehouse, a replica Italian horse well and a gigantic field of grain. Constructed a long horse tunnel / path from the new world to the old, using newly smeltable nether brick.
I settled down in a pleasing hobbit hole -- cylindrical, welcoming and cozy. Also had my first redstone room for experiments.
Lost the world ultimately to corruption, during 1.6.
1.7?Same crowd on a Realms server. Hard mode, no cheats.
Selected a seed next to good mountainous terrain.
Friends had such projects as pharaoh and pyramids, mob hotel, wondrous gigantic tree, castles, expanded NPC villages.
I got into railways and stations, secret passages, dining hall of cake, and spooky graveyard decor.
Had a commandblock that would /tp you to random faraway locations, tens of km away, for make-your-way-back-to-base nomad survival challenge.
Lasted until 1.8. No particular problem except exhaustion.
April 9, 2014Started contributing to the wiki, starting with 14w06a.
Did bug tracker stuff mostly, at first.
After a while, role grew to encompass many and varied interests, including fixing history via thorough investigations, making sure pages are up to date with snapshots, and more.
1.8.3March 2015Baby girl born!
Less time to do anything with the bug tracker. Still contribute to the wiki when time permits.
1.9?Same crowd on another Realms server. Hard mode, no cheats.
We were in a mega taiga, situated around a lake. Adjusting to the new combat system was quite a bit of fun.
rant_owl and I maintained a granary on a hill, and I dug into a hillside to establish a bar and grill. breadguy and mobileman did most of the 'real' gameplay: establishing farms, travelling to the Nether, etc. Efforts were fewer and more modest: mostly casual boat exploration of our local coastal waterways – now that boats were fixed.
Lasted a month or two.
1.10June 27, 2016Became a Helper on the bug tracker.

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