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Hello everybody!

I'm the user commonly referred to as Sagessylu, contributing pretty much randomly to everything that seems to need improvement in the Minecraft Wiki.


What's my main language? French, but I'm quite good at writing in English: still, don't yell at me if my writing isn't always super prime quality.

What do I prefer/hate to do in Minecraft? Redstone is the best (especially with the new targets) ! Random useless farms and stuff are also nice. I hate to do building, because I'm terrible at it (but I really want to get better!)

What do I prefer/hate to do on the Minecraft Wiki? Being useful is the thing I prefer (obviously, this is a wiki 😁), and dealing with quirky templates could really be the thing I hate the most.

Do I like mods? Well, I always play vanilla Minecraft (except for Optifine), but I don't really have anything against mods.

Do I like resource packs? Yes, very, especially the troll ones which mess around with sounds and translations (yes, vanilla resource packs can do that)

What is the version of Minecraft I prefer? The latest, it's always the best!

What is the kind of updates I like the most in Minecraft? Biome updates. Oh, and also weird changes that somehow make something renewable in Minecraft (like the addition of soul campfires that made soul soil renewable)

What is the thing that tickles me the most in Minecraft? The fact that there are two separate editions of Minecraft (a.k.a. Java and Bedrock) that do approximately the same thing. I really think Mojang should merge them some day, even if it's obviously gonna be very hard.

What's the most useless feature in Minecraft, in my opinion? Hard choice, to be honest. But there is one that beats them all, it's mules. Yes, mules. You didn't know about them being in Minecraft? In a nutshell, they are donkeys that look a ittle bit like horses, that cannot be bred and that are obtained by breeding a horse and a donkey. That's it. And also, more than 99% of Minecraft players don't even know about their existence.

What do you wish there would be in Minecraft? Actually, I got a special page about that!