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A list of my wikis...

Warning! These wiki may or may not be related to Minecraft and can be edited by anyone.

Finished Wikis[edit]

"Finished" only means that they have a base structure, you can still edit them.

Wikis Being Created[edit]

Wikis pending to be created[edit]

You may create wikis, but you should talk about that in the discussion first.

Rules etc.[edit]

  • All the wikis you create and edit must respect Gamepedia's rules, including the Style Guide.
  • When uploading images, remember to add [[Category:User images]] and.
  • When creating templates, remember to add [[Category:User templates]] and.
  • You may, but mustn't, create templates inside the wiki's Templates page. These should be referred to as [[User:RubenVerg/Wikis/<wikiname>/Templates/<template name>]]. They should still saved with [[Category:User templates]] and.