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The Nether Update[edit]

Minecraft 1.16

Java Edition

Official name

Nether Update

Release date


Development versions
Protocol version


Data version


1.16, the first release of the Nether Update, is a major update to Java Edition It focuses mainly on the Nether, adding a new family of mobs, Piglins, and redesigns the structure of the Nether adding new biomes. This update also introduces many new blocks.

The update was originally revealed during the MINECON Live 2019 livestream[1]



Soul Fire JE1.gifBlue Fire
  • Acts the same as regular fire
  • When fire is on top of soul sand, it will be blue regardless of dimension
  • Spawns naturally in the Soulsand Valley
  • Spreads to red fire outside of the Nether
Crimson Fungus JE1 BE1.pngWarped Fungus JE1 BE1.pngNether Sprouts JE2 BE2.pngCrimson Fungus JE1 BE1.pngWarped Fungus JE1 BE1.pngNether Fungi
  • Spawn in their respective biomes
  • Can be used to craft random Suspicious Stew
Crimson Stem Axis Y JE1.pngWarped Stem Axis Y JE1.pngNether Wart Logs
  • Spawn in their respective forest variants