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A log while I have found a bone block fossil in the game.

Date and time Fossil type Biome the fossil was found in Image (if available) Where the fossil was found Odd generation? Platform Comments
February 2017 Spine Desert ??? In a cave, underground No PlayStation 4 Close to a dungeon, and the first time I found a bone block Fossil. Survival mode.
March/April 2017 Spine Desert ??? In a cave, close to a ravine, idk more. No PlayStation 4 Survival mode found I the fossil in.
April 2017 Skull Desert ??? In a cave. Close to a dungeon No PlayStation 4 Creative mode.
June or May 2017 ??? Desert ??? Below a desert temple No PlayStation 4
June 2017 Spine Swamp Fossil In A Woodland Mansion.jpg Sticking out from a woodland mansion Yes PlayStation 4 Odd generation due to a bug. (The screenshot is an example, not from me.)
6 December 2017 Skull Desert Fossil underwater.jpg Underwater Partly PlayStation 4
10 June 2018 Spine Desert Fossil above mineshaft.JPG Above a mineshaft entrace room/dirt room ? PlayStation 4 Found that while I should go to the end portal in my survival world.
27 February 2019 Spine and Skull Unknown, desert is likely Fossils in the Far Lands.jpeg In the edge of the MCPE World, far inside the Far lands. ? Nintendo Switch First fossil in MCBE.
March 2019 Many spines and skulls Swamp Many fossils in a super flat world.jpg In a flat world. Partial PlayStation 4
16 April 2019 Skull Swamp After excavation
Before excavation
Upper image: after excavation. Lower image: before excavation. The fossil was found in an ocean ravine in a Swamp biome. No PlayStation 4
19 April 2019 Spines Swamp and Desert Fossil underwater near ocean ruins.jpg
Fossil underwater 2.jpg
The first fossil was found in a lukewarm ocean, but a small swamp was benearth the fossil, causing it to generate there. The fossil is close to some ocean ruins. The second fossil generated in a small desert patch underwater. Yes PlayStation 4
21 April 2019 Small spine Swamp Underwater Fossil In Ocean Ravine.jpg In an underwater ravine No PlayStation 4
22 April 2019 HUGE spine Ocean, unknown ocean Huge spine fossil underwater.jpg
Huge spine fossil underwater, excavated.jpg
Underwater, a part of the fossil was in a swamp biome causing it to generate, also the hardest fossil to excavate. Yes, due to it generated in a non-swamp biome PlayStation 4
1 May 2019 Skull Ocean (near a swamp biome) Fossil in the ocean.jpg Underwater, a part of the fossil (the head) stuck up in the ocean. Yes, fossils does not normally generate in oceans PlayStation 4 Got VERY scared by that fossil because I hate that skull type and also started to shake some time. I HATE those fossils. Also visited the nynorsk wikipedia due to the fossil.
21 May 2019 Spine Jungle near a Desert biome Jungle fossil.jpg Above ground in a jungle biome Yes PlayStation 4 Very rare occurance and also the first Fossil i found above ground (except the fossil in the woodland mansion)
26 May 2019 Skulls Ocean Skull Fossil that have generated Underwater.jpg
Skull Fossil Underwater.jpg
Underwater Partial PlayStation 4 Upper image: the first fossil I found (the fossil type that I get most scared by). Lower image: the second fossil that I found, first time that I found that skull variant. That skull generated near the witch temple building with the witch spawner.
31 May 2019 Skull Swamp Unexcavated Skull Fossil.jpg
Excavated Skull Fossil.jpg
Inside a ravine, while I saw bone blocks at the top. No PlayStation 4 Upper image: before excavating, while I found the fossil. Lower image: after excavation, the skull fossil is completely visible. The fossil generated just some blocks below the swamp water and a "Witch Temple" building with Drowned and Witch spawners.
4 June 2019 Spine Desert Fossilinravine.jpg Inside a ravine. No PlayStation 4 The pillagers/ravagers on the image has not spawned naturally, i just placed them there.
8 June 2019 Spine (small) Swamp Fossil in ravine.jpg Inside a ravine. No PlayStation 4 The fossil spawned near a mineshaft and also below a witch temple.
9 June 2019 2 spine & 2 skull fossils Desert Fossil sticking out from weird desert hill.jpg
Two fossils underwater.jpg
Fossil in ugly desert mountain.jpg
Fossil 1: sticking out from weird desert mountain.
Fossil 2 & 3: underwater (near each other).
Fossil 4: inside a very weird and ugly desert mountain.
All fossils did not generate faultly. PlayStation 4 Fossil Record!

Image 1: the first fossil sticking out from the ugly desert mountain.
Image 2: the 2nd and 3rd fossils, the skull fossils. First time I found two fossils near each other.
Image 3: the 4th fossil generated INSIDE an ugly and weird desert mountain. The fossils was found in the BIGGEST DESERT BIOME I have found in the game.

14 June 2019 Spine Desert Fossil Exposed in a Cave.jpg In a cave visible from surface No PlayStation 4
19 June 2019 Skull Desert Floating Fossil in Desert.jpg In a amplified world, floating Partial PlayStation 4 First fossil I found floating
25 June 2019 Spine Desert Fossil in a desert.jpg On land poking out from a desert hill Yes PlayStation 4
1 July 2019 Skull desert Bone Blocks in a Ravine.jpg
Excavted Fossil in a Ravine.jpg
In a ravine Partial PlayStation 4 Upper image: before excavation. Lower image: after excavation.
Near a pillager tower and a desert village.
4 July 2019 Skull Desert Bone Blocks in a Desert Hill.png
Excavated Fossil in Desert Hill.png
In a desert hill Partial PlayStation 4 Upper image: before excavation. Lower image: after excavation. (Sorry for the white notice on the second image, i accidentally saved the img as video instead of screenshot, forgot remove it :[)
5 July 2019 Spine Desert Fossil in a Ravine.png
Fossil in a Ravine partly excavated.png
Fully excavated fossil in a ravine.png
In a ravine, some parts of the fossil was exposed in caves. No PlayStation 4 Took very many screenshots of the fossil, can't upload all images for technical reasons. First picture: before excavating, second picture: partly excavated, third picture: fully excavated.
6 July 2019 Spine Swamp Fossil under water.png Under water Yes PlayStation 4
9 July 2019 Spine Swamp Fossil in a ocean ravine.png In a ocean ravine. No PlayStation 4 While I found the fossil I was very scared and started to shake for about 30 minutes and I was VERY scared by the fossil. I hate that spine fossil.
15 July 2019 2 spine fossils & 2 skull fossils Swamp (all fossils) #1 fossil:
Fossil Floating Underwater.png
#2 Fossil:
Fossil in a Cave.png
#3 Fossil:
Bone Blocks in Cave.png
Excavated Fossil in a Cave.png
#4 Fossil:
Another Fossil in a Cave.png
Another Fossil in a Cave (excavated).png
#2, #3, and #4 fossils on one picture:
3 fossils in a cave.png
Fossil #1: Underwater, floating.
Fossil #2, 3 and #4: In a cave
Fossil #1: Yes
Fossil 2, #3, and #4: No
PlayStation 4 Fossil 1: Found many swamp islands on a PlayStation 4 world, and a swamp island had a fossil floating in the water. (Note the kelp that is growing on the fossil). Got also scared by the fossil and started shaking for about 5 minutes.
Fossil 2 & 3: Generated almost in the same chunk. Fossil 4: Got very scared by it. It also blocked the cave.
Images: Where it is two images is the first image the unexcavated fossil and the second image the excavated fossil. Last image: Fossil #2 in the bottom-left corner, fossil #3 in the middle of the image and a part of fossil #4 in the upper-right corner. Fossil #2 did I not excavate.
Extremely rare that multiple fossil generation attempts succeeded as on the image.
19 July 2019 Skull Swamp Fossil Underwater.png
Fossil Underwater Excavated.png
Underwater Partial PlayStation 4 Got somewhat scared by the skull. First passed that and then turned I around and I thought it was sand but it was bone blocks. (Upper image while I found it, second image after i dug it out).
24 July 2019 Spine Swamp Excavated Fossil.png Underwater Partial PlayStation 4 Some ribs was visible underwater, but I removed the water from the ribs underwater and excavated it, then built it in in a house :)
30 July 2019 Spine Desert Fossil Stuck in a Desert hill.png In a desert hill Partial PlayStation 4
4 August 2019 Skull swamp Fossil under water excavated.png Underwater Partial PlayStation 4
7 August 2019 Spine desert Placeholder image until I can upload the screenshot In a cave No PlayStation 4 Image is a placeholder until I can upload the screenshot
12 August 2019 Spine Desert Fossil in Pillager Tower.png In a pillager tower Yes PlayStation 4 Unusual location to find a fossil.
13 August 2019 Skull Desert Excavated skull fossil in cave.png In a cave No PlayStation 4
14 August 2019 Spine Desert Excavated fossil.JPG In a cave No Nintendo Switch Sorry for poor image quality had to use phone to photograph it, but I tried to upload the fossil image to facebook and then send it to my PC and upload it
16 August 2019 Spine Desert Bone Block Fossil Underwater.png Underwater Partial PlayStation 4 A sunken ship and some ocean ruins is visible in the screenshot.
20 August 2019 2 skull fossils and a spine fossil desert Fossil visible from surface.png
Fossil Floating Under Desert hill.png
Sticking out from a desert hill visible from surface, in amplified world Fossil 1: partially,
fossil 2: odd generation
PlayStation 4 The fossils generated near each other, and I found also a 3rd fossil also floating under a hill, but I took picture but I had no time to send it to my PC, i need to go to my doctor at the hospital and had no time to send it to my pc will upload it soon :(. Fossil 1 generated near a village.