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Date of birth

May 19, 2003 (age 16)



Joined Minecraft Wiki

October 24, 2017


English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and some Spanish

Welcome to my userpage. I own both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch (Bedrock version) console editions.

While I posting on a talk page, my signature appears as psl85 (talkcontribs) with a link to my user page talk page, and my contributions. I also have the Wikipedia logo on my signature because I like it much. While you mention me in a page, please use lowercased "psl85", I prefer this.

Here on the Wiki patrol I recent changes and reverting vandalism, editing to keep the wiki of date and fixing errors. If I made a error, please let me know :)

On Minecraft play I both Survival and Creative game modes and i have completed the game 4 times in survival. On Survival like i to play, i like to try to survive, and also battle mobs, but here is best/worst mobs, blocks, items, and structures:

Best mob: NPC Villager
Worst mob: Creeper
Best item: Diamond
Worst item: Rotten Flesh and Seeds
Best block: Cobblestone
Worst block: Bone Block
Best structure: Village
Worst Structure: Fossil (the bone blocks scare me and i might get very scared if i only see a possible fossil, i hate them.)

Social Profiles Usernames[edit]

Fossil Finding Log

If javascript is disabled or your browser does not support it click here to view my fossil log.

Minecraft History[edit]

  • Somewhere in 2011/2012: Played Minecraft for the first time, the Java Edition (called Computer Edition that time).
  •  ?: Played the Pocket Edition first time.
  • 2014/2015?: Played Minecraft again, on the Computer Edition.
  • May 2016: Got PS4 with Minecraft, and played Minecraft on PS4 then after.
  • 2016/2017: Discovered this Minecraft Wiki.
  • February 2017: Found the first fossil in Minecraft.
  • March/April 2017: Defeated the Ender dragon on Survival.
  • 2017: Edited the first time, in the school.
  • October 24, 2017: Created this account on the Minecraft Wiki.
  • December 26, 2017: Got Minecraft to my Nintendo Switch.
  • 10 June 2018: Found my latest scary fossil, and defeated the Ender Dragon, and found End city.
  • 21 June 2018: Got Bedrock Edition on my Nintendo switch.
  • 28 August 2018: Played the first time on servers, the Lifeboat server was funniest.
  • 4 July 2019: Defeated the Ender Dragon in survival mode, a video can be found below.

Video when I slaying the Ender Dragon[edit]

Me On Other Wikis/websites[edit]


The list may be incomplete


Minecraft-related external websites[edit]

  • Minecraft Forums (operated by Curse)
  • Planet Minecraft
  • LifeBoat Forums
  • If the wikiname is striked over, the user is blocked from editing there. The date for expiry will be found after the wikiname. If no date is given, the user is blocked from editing indefinitely there.

Things I like and Not like[edit]

Structures I like[edit]

Structures I Not like[edit]

Mobs I like[edit]

Mobs I Not like[edit]

The list may be incomplete



PMC logo.png Psl85 is also on Planet Minecraft.
Grass Block Revision 6.png This user is also on the Minecraft Forums.
This user loves the Minecraft Wiki!
This user has been a member of the Minecraft Wiki since 24-10-2017
Source Editor Symbol.png Psl85 prefers the source editor over the visual editor.
Eye of Ender.png Psl85 is a patroller of Special:RecentChanges.

On Minecraft[edit]

8-bit user icon.png
This user's account in Minecraft is PlayStation 4 Edition: Philip13765
Nintendo Switch Edition: PSL.
Grass Block Revision 6.png
This user is a Minecrafter.

User:Beans1512/userboxes/Nintendo Switch Edition

This user likes The Nether.
This user likes Creepers.
Grass Block Revision 6.png
This user prefers an unmodded, vanilla Minecraft.
Minecraft Creative.pngHeart.svg
Psl85 likes to play on both Creative and Survival.
This user likes to play on Normal.
Diamond Pickaxe.png
This user likes to mine.
Iron Axe.png
This user likes to cut down trees.
Iron Sword.png
This user likes to fight.
This user likes to build.
This user likes to hunt for treasure.
This user frequently kills Chickens.
This user frequently kills Cows.
This user frequently kills Pigs.
This user frequently kills Sheep.
This user frequently kills Blazes.
This user has slain the Ender Dragon.
Psl85 has slain the Wither.
XP Level75 Orb Animation.gif
This player has at most reached 75 experience levels or more.
Psl85 has obtained more than 60 diamonds in one world without cheating.
Pink Sheep.png
Psl85 has found at least one pink sheep.
Enchanting Table.png
Psl85 is an Enchanter.
Brewing Stand (Full).png
Psl85 is a potion brewer.
Psl85 loves Mesa Biomes.
Farmer.png This user's favorite mob is Villager.
Nether Bricks.png This user's favorite block is Nether Bricks.
Psl85 loves Plains Biomes.
Fossil Spine 1.png! This user does NOT like fossils and will be very scared if the user sees one.

Real life[edit]

Psl85 prefers Google Chrome.
Psl85 prefers Microsoft Edge.
Psl85 prefers Windows 10.
This user uses an ad blocker because he hates advertising and ads.
Flag of Sweden.jpg Psl85 is Swedish.
Bookshelf.png Psl85 is at school.
He may be unavailable at times.

Cake.png Psl85's birthday is on May 19!

Coca-Cola logo.svg
Psl85 Enjoys Coca-Cola.
15 years This user is 15 years old.

Contact Me[edit]


Here is a list of my subpages. If you not want to look in the list of pages, simply use the search box below to find my pages.

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