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While I might technically be fairly new here, I did actually contribute a bit to the wiki about 6 years ago (just 40 edits - mostly to brewing/potions). But since then, something has changed about the accounts, so the one I used back then has become unavailable, and bizarrely renamed with extra numbers at the end of it. (Tried retrieving it, didn't work, so I just logged in with my twitch account and started from there.) Regardless, I'm back, I still know way too much about potions, and that includes historical potion functionality. Potions.gif

So, after having revamped the brewing page, and seeing the abysmal state of the potion sections in removed java features, I already have a new project to tackle. (The Beta 1.9 remnants, reverted potions, and more, were all removed as a result of the same change.) This one is going to take longer, and since it's a removed feature (and an obscure one at that), few people will even care about it, but I'm gonna do it anyway. I feel like I owe that to the poor old reverted potions.

Okay, so, there are a LOT more technical details I could potentially write about for the old potion system than I initially thought... But I don't think I should drown out the removed features page. Potential solution; add technical details to Potion/Before 1.9, only add the most important bits to removed features. Should probably use sandbox to organize stuff.

If you want, you can throw me a Splash Potions.gif splash potion, or check out my Lingering Potions.gif lingering effects.