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Hello, I'm just your average Minecraft user who will get bored with one world and create another one and so on, if that's even average. I play on single player all the time but I try not to get bored while trying to build cities. But as my personality, I'm smart, funny, and solve problems really well. I can also make friends really easily, so I hope the same thing happens here, as everyone that notices me will want to be my friend. If not, I'm totally fun. But I will not allow anything bad. Anyways, welcome to my page, and if you have anything you want to to add to this page, please leave it in the "Talk" page.

What I like[edit]

  1. Friends
  2. Food
  3. Christmas
  4. Halloween
  5. Parties
  6. Lilacs
  7. Singing
  8. Minecraft (Of course)
  9. Fashion (I'm not a hippie)
  10. Myself
  11. And more!

What I dislike[edit]

  1. Annoying people
  2. Baby stuff
  3. Being bored
  4. Talking about sad things
  5. When Minecraft lags
  6. When Minecraft crashes
  7. Boring stuff
  8. Yarn sweathers (Wearing them makes red dots appear on my skin)