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Hi, I'm PancakeIdentity, also known as Platy. I'm a datapack creator and active editor on this wiki. She/her pronouns, please!


I started playing Minecraft Pocket Edition in the summer of 2013. I bought an account for Java Edition on August 6, 2013. I've been active on the scene ever since. Nowadays, I don't actively play Minecraft too much. I prefer to spend my time working on projects such as my datapacks, messing around with new features, or working on the wiki!


I spend most of my time in Minecraft developing datapacks and messing around with commands and functions. I use the Twitter account @PlatyPack to announce upcoming changes and updates. Also check out my discord!

Expanded Advancement and Recipe Pack[edit]

Also known as Platy Pack, this is my main project. This pack adds over 350 advancements and many recipes that stay in line with the Vanilla feel of the game. I'm constantly tweaking and adding to this pack, especially during snapshots. Full information on the pack and a download can be found on CurseForge.

More Dragon-Proof Blocks[edit]

This is an extremely small pack (it only contains two files). It increases the number of blocks the ender dragon cannot destroy, allowing for more extensive building on the main island in the end. More information, a list of all the blocks affected by this, and a download, can be found on CurseForge.

Silk Touch-less Campfires[edit]

This is another very small pack (this time with only one file). It changes the campfire to allow it to drop itself when destroyed with any tool, no longer requiring Silk Touch. The download can found on CurseForge.

Cave-ier Spiders[edit]

This datapack is fairly small but makes a big change to cave exploration. It makes it so cave spiders spawn in caves instead of normal spiders. This only applies to naturally generated caves, so your underground builds are still safe! The download can be found on CurseForge.