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1. Usual sig: -- t numbermaniac c

1.1 Code: <span class=nowrap> -- [[User talk:Numbermaniac|<sup style="font-weight:normal; color:#00E">t</sup>]] [[User:Numbermaniac|<span style="color:#07E">numbermaniac</span>]] [[Special:Contribs/Numbermaniac|<sup style="color:#00E">c</sup>]]</span>

2 Christmas: (18 Dec - 1 Jan) -- numbermaniac (merry christmas!)

2.1 Code: <span class=nowrap> -- [[User:Numbermaniac|<span style="color:#07E">number</span>]][[User:Numbermaniac/edit count|<span style="color:#00E">maniac</span>]] <sup>([[User talk:Numbermaniac|<span style="color:#F11">merry </span><span style="color:#1B1">christmas! </span>]])</span>