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This is just a little test template I made for creating boxes that start collapsed, but can be expanded by clicking a "show" link on the side.


The box it creates automatically assigned the class "collapsible collapsed".


I would suggest using this when using the template:

| wholestyle =
| headstyle =
| text =
| contentstyle =
| content=
  • wholestyle allows you to give styling that affects the whole box.
  • headstyle allows you to give style that only affects the header text, that is, the text that appears regardless of whether the box is expanded or not.
  • text is the header text, to which the headstyle applies to.
  • contentstyle allows you to style only the expanded text, that is the text that only appears after you press "show".
  • content is the text that appears after expansion.


Example 1
| wholestyle = font-size:large; color:#F00
| headstyle = 
| text = This is the header text
| contentstyle = background-color:#0F0
| content = This is the hidden content!

Example 2
| wholestyle=  background-color:#979
| headstyle = color:#797
| text = Header text
| contentstyle = font-size:xx-small
| content = Super tiny text


  • Quotes do not need to surround the style attributes, as they are already added with the template.
  • If you are using multiple attributes in one style, remember to separate them with semicolons.
[view | edit | history | purge]The above documentation is transcluded from User:Numbermaniac/Template:CollapseBox/doc.