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A random list of features I'd like to be added to or be changed in Minecraft, in order of remembrance (which may be a subconscious order of importance).

  • Log files to include the time instead of just a counter (eg, 2020-05-27_19-01-36.log instead of 2020-05-27-3.log)
  • Further organise block and item files into different subfolders as there are now too many to easily navigate (eg, block/woodblock/wool, etc)
  • Give bats an actual use, maybe they can drop short night-vision potion-like items ("bat eye" maybe)
  • Buff polar bears, make them drop a useful item
  • Give ocelots an actual use as it was removed in 1.14
  • Add potions of hostility and pacifism, which make passive mobs hostile and hostile mobs passive respectively
  • Update the logo on the main menu to Mclogo.svg
  • Revert stone and planks to pre–Texture Update, they're too blurry now
  • Option to change the menu layout to previous layouts (eg, layout "" will replace "Minecraft Realms" with "Resource packs")
  • Re-add super secret settings; move mouse settings to the main options menu to fill in the space
  • Merge banner pattern item textures
  • Make melon slice and glistering melon slices face the same way