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New Zealander


NZDT (UTC+13:00)

Minecraft IGN









Minecraft editions

Java (Windows 10)
Bedrock (Nexus 5X)
Console (PS4)

Minecrafter since

Java: November 12, 2012
(6 years and 130 days)
Pocket: December 9, 2012 (6 years and 103 days)
PS4: December 26, 2014 (4 years and 86 days)

Editor since

November 16, 2013
(5 years and 126 days)

Hi, I'm Nixinova, an active editor on this wiki.


I started playing the Minecraft (Java Edition) online demo in November 2012, not long after 1.4.2 came out. I bought a full Minecraft account on February 9, 2013.

I started playing Pocket Edition on my iPad in December 2012, during Alpha 0.5.0.

After receiving a PS4 for Christmas in 2014, I got Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition the following day.

When I play Minecraft, I mostly play on Java Edition; in particular, I play SkyWars on Hypixel, battle royale on MCBR (both in modded version 1.8.9), or experiment in the latest snapshot.

Minecraft Wiki[edit]

On the Minecraft Wiki, I usually keep recent version and snapshot pages up to date, browse Special:RecentChanges, upload renders of blocks with changed textures, and maintain old (pre-Alpha) version pages. I have made over 13,000 edits to over 3900 pages, created well almost 1100 pages, and uploaded 706 files. I am ranked #5 on the Minecraft Wiki and #149 on all of Gamepedia.

I used to contribute to the wiki under the name HeroBrineNZK (an account which I created in November 2013), where I made around 100 edits from November 2013 to October 2015. I created my current account in March 2016, but didn't edit actively until a year or so later.

Articles created[edit]

This is a list of articles which I have both created and done a lot of the content for.

Bug tracker[edit]

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Fixed bugs[edit]

7 bugs fixed
Pocket Edition Alpha 0.8.1
Java Edition 14w33c
  • MC-66238 – The new doors have bigger items.
Pocket Edition Alpha 0.11.0 build 8
Java Edition 17w16a
  • MC-116314 – Bows destroy other bows while crafting using recipe book
Java Edition 18w47b
  • MC-139818 – Pillager outposts spawn absurd amounts of pillagers
Java Edition 19w07a
  • MC-143794 – Falling blocks break all snow layers, including when fully stacked.
Java Edition 19w11a
  • MC-142890 – Wolves don't attack mobs you damage with a projectile

Important unresolved bugs[edit]

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  • MC-139173 – Scaffolding only connects along positive X/Z when placed using commands ("Won't Fix")
  • MC-143167 – Weird scaffolding behaviour at height limit
  • MC-143473 – Teleporting a mob while it is pathfinding will make it navigate back to where it was going
  • MC-143489 – Zombies and skeletons catch fire indoors
  • MC-144562 – Leather horse armor has inconsistent texture
  • MC-145275 – Reloading resource pack messes up all textures for a frame


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Master of Minecraft Wiki
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Make 10000 edits to this wiki
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Nixinova prefers
Minecraft: Java Edition.
Nixinova has been playing
Minecraft Java since 1.4.2.
Nixinova has been playing
Minecraft PE since 0.5.0.
Nixinova has been playing Minecraft PS4 since 1.12.
Nixinova used to be known as HeroBrineNZK.
Impulse Command Block.png
Nixinova likes using
command blocks.
Diamond Sword.png
Nixinova likes to PvP.
Structure Block.png
Nixinova prefers to play in snapshots.
Nixinova's favourite server is Hypixel.
Nixinova is a also big fan of Half-Life.
Minecraft Wiki Cube left.png
Nixinova prefers to use the
Source Editor.
Minecraft Wiki Cube left.png
Nixinova has been a member of this wiki since November 18, 2013
(5 years and 126 days).
This user is also on Wikipedia.
Nixinova prefers Google Chrome.
Nixinova prefers Windows 10.
Nixinova prefers Android.


Java Edition
Pocket Edition