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I’m BabylonAS (known as Naista2002 before December 23, 2014, and NickTheRed37 before July 31, 2017), a user at Gamepedia, a voluntarily retired administrator of Russian Minecraft Wiki and a formerly or occasionally active user on English Minecraft Wiki.

I have first appeared on Gamepedia on August 5, 2014 (1998 days or 5.5 years ago) by joining the English Minecraft Wiki, later switching to Russian Minecraft Wiki where I used to be an administrator since July 24, 2017 to September 23, 2019. By now I have quit editing the Russian wiki due to general tiredness, laziness, dissatisfaction with some users and my own attempts on imitating activity which have led to conflicts. I’m not planning to resume seriously editing Minecraft Wiki (whether English or Russian) in the foreseeable future, however I am still available for contact, and continue to be present on Discord.

On English wiki I used to be associated with the Rewrite for Style project, among other activities. My Russian wiki contributions include various technical pages (templates and modules), a revised set of policies and guidelines (made in cooperation with active Russian user AttemptToCallNil), some new or rewritten articles and new administrators (and a bureaucrat) successfully promoted on my suggestion.

I have bought what is now called Minecraft: Java Edition on August 24, 2016 (after six days of trying demo mode) — both after 2 years of activity on Minecraft Wiki; before that I engaged in metapedic activity and (on Russian wiki) translated articles, usually about old versions, however I have had a decent knowledge of the game gained by watching a lot of videos on the Internet. While I seldom play Minecraft nowadays, I have experience with both vanilla and modded game (especially with IndustrialCraft 2 mod). My other games include Galactic Civilizations II & III, The Battle for Wesnoth, Civilization V & IV, Sins of a Solar Empire, OpenTTD and Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters.

My Discord handle is @BabylonAS#1075.