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Redstone Alternatives.
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Redstone alternatives are mechanism components that use non-redstone-related mechanics to perform certain actions. As they don't use redstone, they can be used when you don't or cannot have it, such as when playing Pocket Edition, Infdev or certain maps. However, they are mostly single-use, thus they must be reset every time you use them.

Note that in this page, things that cannot be made with redstone components are not noted here as "redstone alternatives", but they are made from components listed below.

Basic concepts[edit]

Some of the basic concepts of redstone circuits apply to redstone alternatives, but there are differences between the two.

  • There is currently no convention about timings in redstone alternatives. We can currently use game ticks or real-life time units for redstone alternative timings.
  • There is no "signal strength" as such. There is "maximum signal distance", but it only applies to some liquid and minecart setups.
  • There are no redstone updates, as there is no Redstone. But there are still block updates.